How Much Does it Cost to Build a Dating App?

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In today's world of innovations where various inventions have become mundane, a big number of people take for granted the fact that technological devices have changed our lifestyle to the core, including dating and building relationships. People are constantly trying to find a balance between career, friends and personal life. Online dating apps are the perfect solution for those who are too busy or just too shy to come and meet someone in life. This results in highly dating app development. 

Despite the fact that today there is a huge variety of dating apps, like Tinder, Bumble, Match, OkCupid and many others, which are on top, people still consider the opportunity to take a shot in the dating app business. In a chase for a good income, those who desire to create a dating app do not think about how difficult it can be. Let's begin our discussion about dating app development cost and find out how to develop an online dating app? So, get cozy and prick your ears up. 

In this article, devoted to dating app development, we will come clean about the following: 

- Why Create Your Own Dating App?

- What Are The Main Dating Apps Aspects?

- What Is The Price of Dating App Development?

- How To Monetize Your Dating App?

- Conclusion

Let's dwell into every point little by little. 


Why Create Your Own Dating App?

If you are thinking about your own dating app development, but you are still at a crossroads about this idea, and you have a feeling that it is taking you into uncharted waters, it is completely understandable. You may think that there are plenty of dating apps, which are flying high, so what is the use of wasting your time and energy on creating your own. 

Well, let's begin to dispel all of these doubts. First, as we have already mentioned, dating app development is on the rise. According to the latest survey of the most famous statistics site Statista, online dating apps have hit the mark due to worldwide situations like Covid-19 pandemic. It is predicted that for 2024 there will be approximately 280 million online users of dating services.

The reasons why people are choosing to use online dating apps will stay relevant for a long time. Online dating means less stress for modest people. Through a phone screen, it is not so scary to make a step on the person you sympathize with. Another reason is that people are busy enough to go somewhere to make new acquaintances. We have already covered these two fundamental reasons before. Maybe for some people there are their personal principles for picking online dating apps. Anyway, think about it yourself, it is much easier to take your smartphone, open any dating app and just look through already perfectly prepared profiles. Your task is just to swipe any you like and make a move. 

Dating app development is spinning up, so do not bury your head in the sand and make your dream of creating your own dating app true. 


What Are The Main Dating Apps Aspects?

If you look at the dating apps that have hit the jackpot, like Tinder or Match, you will see that they have certain key features, which are so vital for any thriving dating app. Of course, dating apps do not have completely identical features, but there are some common ones. 

These features are:


Using geodata to search a date. 

Let the users make a decision themselves where to find their soulmate, whether it is someone in the same city or on the other side of the world. This function can easily be operated with GPS navigation.


Register easily through email or any other social networks.

If you want daters to use your app, keep in mind the fact that users trust their personal information, photos, location, so, it is your duty to make sure that everything will stay safe. Integration with social networks is the most reliable way to check data during registration. Not everyone uses their real name on dating apps, but if necessary, you can find people's real names and friends list on a social network. So, it is up to you which authentication method is better for your app. Users can use mobile numbers, email or social networks. 


Profile editing and details

Users should be able to fill their profile and upload pictures, indicating their interests to give other people an opportunity to get to know them better and stand out from the crowd. 


Swiping for likes or dislikes

Dating apps should allow people to swipe the profiles they like or dislike in the twinkling of an eye. If both users swipe likes for each other, they have a connection or match.


Chit-chat using the dating app

Well, it is pretty clear that after both users matched, they want to get to know each other better by sending messages or current location. 



Notifications are an essential part of an app. They help increase the engagement rate of dating apps. It can be notifications about new messages or for you to see if someone likes you. 



Daters should be allowed to change their password, contact information or delete their profiles. 

These are the fundamental attributes the dating app should have. Setting should hit exactly the right note of people's requirements. Your dating app should go down a treat with the users.


What Is The Price of Dating App Development?

To be honest, declaring one certain sum for the dating app development is quite challenging. The obvious reason is that dating app development price is connected to the following influential factors: 

- The amount of app features and complexity of the dating app itself

- App design, including any creative idea the user wants. 

- Platforms to be developed (Android or iOS)

- App testing

- Building team members

- APIs and infrastructure

- Front And Backend Development

- Launching app

- Project management

Do not forget that after launching the app is just the tip of the iceberg, the fact that your app will need further optimization and updating should stick in your mind. Adding up-to-the-minute functions or deleting the old ones, test and update the app - all of them are essential. Smartphone developers constantly make updates, to which you should adapt your app, so it can answer modern requirements. 

To get more detailed information, connect with app development companies and consult with them about the full price of the dating app development.  


How To Monetize Your Dating App?

So, the last very important question is how you can make income from your app. It can be done by suggesting users a set of additional functions for money. 

Here are some basic ways:


Premium features subscription. 

Users will be able to connect paid services (view closed pages of users, hide information about themselves, connect an unlimited number of likes, etc.) for a month, six months or a year.


Ad or the ad blocking

Ad customers love dating services for the ability to show ads to particular people, because the developers have detailed information about the audience. Or, otherwise, give users an opportunity to get rid of the advertisement that can get annoying.   


Partnership programs.

The ability to cooperate with flower delivery, restaurants, taxi services and entertainment venues that daters may need.



We have covered most of the common features connected to the dating app development. Now the choice is on you whether to open or not the door to your dating app. Do not rush, take your time and try to remember that the dating app development business is growing rapidly especially due to the worldwide situation, when people have no choice, but stay at home or just have no time to make acquaintances. So, it is never too late to join the ranks of the dating app developers. For daters using dating apps is a great opportunity to meet someone new and for developers is to grow and increase their income. It is a win-win situation for both sides. 

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