How Much Does it Cost to Fly Privately?

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Fly private is considered a luxurious mode of transportation and was only reserved for the rich and famous. But with the growth of jet charter companies, it has become accessible to a wider range of people. Despite the growing affordability, many of us still wonder how much it costs to fly privately. In this blog, we will have a closer look at the cost of private flying.


Options to fly privately

Before we dive into the cost of flying privately, we must know different options to fly privately. Each option has different costs and facilities. Following are the common options by which people travel in private jets.

- Private jet charter

- Jet card programs

- Fractional jet ownership


Private jet charter

It is the process of renting a private jet for a specific trip or trip series. In private jet charter option, you get the freedom to schedule anytime and the type of jet you want to fly in. This option for private flying is considered best for those who do not fly frequently. 

Chartering a private jet is simple and straightforward. Just contact the charter company and provide them with your trip details, such as the number of passengers, departure time and amenities you want. The company then informs you about the available aircraft according to your schedule, and you are ready to go.

The cost of jet chartering depends on the distance to be covered, the type of aircraft and any other special facilities provided on board. On average private jet charter can cost you between AED 100000 to AED 500000, depending on aircraft, technology implemented and other amenities.



Jet card program

It allows passengers to buy a specific number of hours of private jet rental in advance. It is the same as the debit card system in which you can prepay for your private flight. With a jet card, one does not have to lease or purchase the entire aircraft. 

A jet card gives you facilities like priority booking, customer support and more choices of aircraft to choose from. The cost of flying with a jet card program may vary depending on the type of aircraft and the service provided.

Usually, the jet card programs are cheaper than chartering and fractional jet ownership; it can cost you from AED 5000 per hour. The cost depends on aircraft type and location.


Fractional jet ownership

It is a smart and flexible solution for those who do not want to purchase the entire aircraft. By sharing ownership of a private jet, the fractional owner can use a private jet for a set of hours in a year. In this option, the maintenance and fuel costs are divided among all jet owners.

The cost of flying in a fractional-owned jet depends on the number of people sharing ownership. The more the sharers are cheaper, the jet cost, but the number of hours per year also decreases. The cost of fractional jet ownership cannot be calculated unless you know how many people will be sharing and owning a jet.


Which option is best for you?

The best option of flying private depends on your needs. But according to flexibility and cost, chartering a jet is the best option to fly privately. You can choose the aircraft of your choice. No matter whether you are traveling alone or in a group, you can charter different aircraft according to your needs. 

 In a private jet charter, all you have to pay for your trip, and the company is responsible for everything else. Just provide your travel details and the aircraft of your choice, and you are ready to go.


Documents to fly private

Even if you are flying private, you still need some documents to travel in a private jet. Following is the list of documents you need when flying private

- Photo ID & Passport

- Visa


Photo ID and passport

When you are traveling within a country, you will need a photo ID which can be an ID card or driving license. But remember, this is only for traveling inside the country. If you are traveling outside the country, you will need a passport. The customs and immigration rules are the same for all. Only a flight ticket is kipped when you fly privately.

For countries with open border agreements, such as Schengen Zone in Europe, you may not need a passport. 



Another important document you need is the visa for the country you are traveling to. Some jet companies may help you get a visa. Not only the passenger needs a visa, but the pilot also needs a visa to the destination country in some cases. Make sure you have fulfilled all required processes before you rent a private jet.


Why choose private flying over commercial flights?

When it comes to scheduling and destinations, private flights offer a level of flexibility and convenience that commercial flights simply can't match. With private flights, you don't have to deal with the crowds and long wait times at commercial airports. Instead, you can create a schedule that works best for you and fly to destinations that are most convenient for you. 

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