How Much Does It Cost To Run A Website Monthly?

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The word œrunning cost is a term identified with all business entities. Wikipedia identifies it as the expenses which are related to the operation of a business, or the operation of a device, component, piece of equipment, or facility. 

Just as the word is clear, they are the cost of resources used by an organization just to maintain its existence. Depending on the size of the business, their expenses could vary. 

As business owners, there are things that the business needs every month to help stay afloat and cater to all their needs, including customer relationship/retention. A major tool of significance to keep in mind as a business entity is a website. 

In this post, I will be beaming light for our understanding of how much it costs to run a website monthly. In the end, you will discover if getting a website is expensive, fair, or affordable service.

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Is there a monthly payment to run a website?

One could almost wonder why after paying some dirhams or other currency to get a website designed and running, one still has to make a monthly payment. For a young business, this remains scary.

Looking at it from all angles, the only thing ideal to pay for when running a website would be domain hosting, domain name, and perhaps a theme you subscribed for [if you had your website designed by yourself using WordPress] 

The good part is that these payments are usually done annually, perhaps when onboarding it was included in your hauling cost by your web development company, however, subsequent years [depending on the package] could warrant either annual or monthly payment to the web development company or directly to your hosting site.


How much does it cost to run a website monthly?

Having addressed the many instances that could warrant making a monthly payment, how much could one possibly be charged for monthly domain hosting, right? 

Well, if you have considered the option of building your website yourself, this means you must have registered with a domain hosting platform and their annual/monthly charge will be stated clearly on their platform, likewise newsletter being sent to you.

Ideally, if you registered monthly, the cost should range between $2.00 - $50.00. Also, note that the package you must have registered also determines the cost of your monthly payment.

Alternatively, if you had used the services of a web development company like The Watchtower Dubai, you may save yourself the worry of a monthly payment plan, especially if you have a tailored web hosting service that fits into your annual running cost.

Just like every other service, these prices range from the client's tailored request, therefore may not be stated.


What is the average cost of running a website?

Again, these things are not fixed as the hosting site and other services included could vary, but this information could guide you when you are not considering a free website builder like Wix, but a paid one, say WordPress.

With WordPress, domain registration costs range from 99 cents for the first year to USD 15.00 each year. If you signed up for a premium WordPress theme, you may have to pay an upfront fee of between USD 99.00 and USD 200.00 at the most. 

The monthly hosting fee may range from USD 2.00 to USD 50.00.

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