How Often Should I Puff My Vape?

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Wondering how many vape kit puffs to take per day? Well, you are not alone. Fortunately, we can help you answer this common but tricky question. The following sections will answer these questions and address other important topics, such as Nicotine levels in e-liquids and nic salts levels in puffs.

How much is a heavy puff?

If you inhale more than 10 ml of fluid per day, you evaporate a lot. That's over a thousand moves. There are also different vaping methods that affect the number of puffs considered heavy vaping.

Sub-ohm devices will produce much more vapour than pod devices.

That means its vapour cloud will be larger. This results in a more intense vaping experience when puffing the same number of puffs with any pod kit.

To put heavy vaping in perspective, to vape 10ml per day using a pod device that uses 2ml pods, you would need to smoke 5 disposable vape kits per day. That's a lot of e-cigarettes.

How Many E-Cig Puffs Should You Draw Per Day?

In fact, there is no easy answer to this question. There is no standard for the number of steam trains per day because the number does not matter. Acceptable nicotine intake varies based on many biological and other important factors.

Also, as you've probably seen, there's no scientific way to calculate the amount of nicotine per puff. You just need to focus on meeting your needs.

However, if you want numbers, an average of 132 to 140 puffs is recommended. If you smoke more than these numbers in a day, you may need to slow down because you might be inhaling too much nicotine.

Can You Puff Too Much?

Yes, you can take too many puffs. If you vape too quickly multiple times, the e-juice will not have enough time to saturate the coil. The coil is part of the device that heats the e-liquid and creates the vapours.

You might get hit too much for comfort. Nausea may occur if we use too high a concentration of nicotine in your vape kit, and you will be sick. It's like smoking a pack of cigarettes without eating anything.

How Many Puffs Does It Abide To Smoke A Vape?

If you've switched from smoking to vaping, you need to know how many puffs equals one cigarette. While vaping is easier on the lungs, don't stop vaping like you quit smoking. It means you can let go.

As a general rule of thumb, manufacturers recommend that 10 puffs from a vapouriser equal 10 puffs from a cigarette. A disposable vape kit offering 600 puffs is said to be equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes, i.e. 20 cigarettes.

Of course, the number of puffs drawn depends on the size of your puff, the wattage of your vaping device, and the amount of nicotine you are using.

Final Thoughts:

The number of times you vape daily largely depends on your nicotine cravings. Also, there's no standard way to calculate the nicotine level in a puff, which means you can't figure out the exact number of puffs you need each day. However, using vape kits is much better than smoking cigarettes, as it is 95% safer. 

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