How Technology Is Creating A More Connected Community

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All of us have an idea of how technology is penetrating our lives. We use it quite frequently in our everyday life. Whether we want to contact a friend or pay our bills, technology has made everything convenient. The world was not very connected before the introduction of technology. Therefore, we cannot deny its role in our lives and can safely say it has a significant role in the future of Umrah pilgrimage. 

Saudi Arabia hosts a vast crowd for the Umrah pilgrimage. This crowd is pretty diverse as Muslims worldwide gather at the holy sites to perform the Umrah rituals. Therefore, connecting this pilgrims' community was a difficult task before the introduction of technology. The diverse crowd spoke different languages, so it was difficult for them to communicate with each other and the authorities. But now we see how technology is creating a more connected community. 


Effective Means of Communication during Umrah

As mentioned earlier, communication was a significant issue during pilgrimage in the past. People gathered for Umrah had different languages, and finding someone with a similar language was sometimes challenging. Moreover, the security team, management authorities, and the natives usually spoke Arabic only; not all Muslims understand or speak Arabic. 

Therefore, pilgrims were confined to using sign language. They used hand signs, nods, head shakes, and smiles to convey messages to the other pilgrims or authorities. But this has changed ever since the introduction of technology in the Umrah pilgrimage. 

Numerous translation and communication apps have made communication easier among pilgrims with diverse languages. Now, pilgrims just need to have a smartphone, and they can translate any language into their native language. This has connected the pilgrims' community best, enabling them to interact and share their experiences at the holy sites. So, if you have your Umrah packages and are concerned about communication issues, you no longer have to worry. 


Constant Connection with Loved Ones 

If you have heard any stories of Umrah from the elderly of your family, you might already know that in the past, pilgrims used to be cut off from their loved ones during the pilgrimage. Pilgrims used to travel long distances to be at the Holy Kaabah and stayed in the region for days. They didn't have any means of communication to check up on their loved ones. 

Now, pilgrims are always connected with their loved ones with smartphones and the internet. You don't even need a local SIM card to call your loved ones in another corner of the world as long as you have a stable internet connection. Therefore, pilgrims can now keep their loved ones updated. It also saves them from the concerns or distractions they might have if they are not connected with their loved ones.

Moreover, pilgrims can now share their spiritual experiences with their loved ones who could not be there. They can video call and show them the holy sites in real time. This enables the pilgrims to experience the sacred journey with those close to their hearts. Therefore, the future of Umrah pilgrimage is all about sharing the experience with loved ones with the help of technology. 


Role of Social Media to Connect the Muslim Community 

We all know about social media and how it has become a significant part of our lives. Nowadays, we spend quite a few hours on various social media platforms. No doubt, it has connected the world like nothing ever could. These platforms not only enable us to communicate with each other, but they are also a great way to share our experiences with others.

Even though every Muslim wants to perform Umrah, not everyone can physically or financially afford it. With social media, they get a chance to experience the spiritual journey through the experiences of those fortunate enough to be at the holy sites. 

Pilgrims now share pictures and videos at the holy sites on their social media accounts. Those with public accounts give Muslims worldwide experience of the journey with them. It is the perfect way of connecting the Muslim community around the world. This shared spiritual experience reflects the unity and equality among Muslims. 


Technology and Connection of Pilgrims to the World

The whole world is an audience of social media. Therefore, as pilgrims share their spiritual experience on various social media platforms, the world sees it. It gives the Muslim community's message of peace and unity to the world. Moreover, non-Muslims also learn more about the pilgrimage and message of Islam through these social media posts. 

The diverse crowd shows the unity among the Muslim community and represents equality as Islam promotes it. Therefore, it is an excellent chance for the pilgrims to connect to the whole world and allow everyone to understand them and their religion peacefully.


Summing Up

You might have various questions if you are travelling to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah in this age of technology. Undoubtedly, tech products have changed the Umrah experience, giving the pilgrims a chance to connect with the world. Therefore, we must acknowledge that the future of the Umrah pilgrimage is highly dependent on technology. If you are less tech-savvy or have questions about tech products used during Umrah, you can contact your Umrah travel agency to help you through. 

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