How to Address Avoidable Risks and Complications during Pregnancy

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When you are pregnant, you will get tons of advice everywhere. From your gynecologist to the moms you know, everyone seems to be keen to share some recommendations. The internet is also a source of endless guidance. Despite having the best intentions and taking all precautions, you may encounter risks and complications during pregnancy.

Pregnancy complications are more common than you can imagine. Around 8% of pregnancies have complications that may harm the baby or mother if left untreated.  The most common ones include amniotic fluid issues, bleeding, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, ectopic pregnancy, and miscarriage or fetal loss.

Unfortunately, statistics also show that American women are the most likely to die from pregnancy- or childbirth-related complications. While these stats and facts sound scary, the good news is that most risks and complications are avoidable. All you need to get through pregnancy safely is to follow the basics of maternal well-being, take a few precautions, and avoid potential threats.

Here are a few valuable tips for pregnant women to address avoidable risks and complications:


Know the Unexpected Culprits

Pregnant women often know about the common dos and don'ts of pregnancy. You will probably know the foods to avoid, ditch smoking and alcohol, steer clear of overexertion, and give up on your stilettos to stay safe. But there are a few unexpected culprits you may not be aware of. Let us share a few:


Tylenol and OTC Painkillers

Did you know that over-the-counter painkillers can harm an unborn fetus? Tylenol use during pregnancy is particularly under the radar after recent studies have emerged linking it to the risk of autism and



A victim whose baby has suffered the complication can file a Tylenol lawsuit against the manufacturer to claim compensation for not warning about the risk of the medication during pregnancy.

TorHoerman Law suggests that victims should dig deep into the law to ensure eligibility before filing a lawsuit against Tylenol manufacturers. Legal action can ensure adequate compensation, provided there is a link between the baby's developmental delays and Tylenol usage by the mother during pregnancy.


Wet Paint

Did you know that painting the nursery to welcome your bundle of joy can complicate your pregnancy? Paint toxicity depends on the chemicals and solvents in the product. You must avoid paints containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and opt for a safer version. Skipping a paint project altogether is an even better idea. You can also stay at a friend's place or rent a hotel room until your partner or a professional does the job.



If you are a coffee addict, consider taking it easy during pregnancy. Studies show that even moderate intake may lead to a smaller birth size of the baby. Since coffee is a stimulant and a diuretic, it elevates the heart rate and blood pressure. You may end up losing your sleep and taking more trips to the restroom. Besides avoiding tea and coffee, minimize the intake of sodas and chocolates.

Chemical cleaners, second-hand smoke, outdoor pollutants, and kitty litter are other things you should avoid to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy.


Be Regular With Your Appointments

Being regular with routine gynecologist visits throughout the pregnancy is another way to limit the avoidable risks and complications. Your physician monitors and tracks the baby's health, heartbeat, and growth. They also keep a tab on your health, making it possible to detect and address anomalies at the earliest.

Attending all the appointments is even more crucial if you have a high-risk pregnancy due to factors like age and medical complications. You can consult a specialist and get prenatal tests to stay ahead of potential threats. Taking your appointments seriously and showing up can be life-saving in the long run.


Maintain an Optimal Weight

Studies link obesity and high gestational weight gain with pregnancy complications, such as diabetes, hypertension, and preeclampsia. It can also affect fetal health and increase the chances of C-section delivery. Maintaining an optimal weight can save you and your baby from unexpected risks.

Follow healthy diet recommendations to ensure optimal weight gain. Avoid overeating and loading up on sugary foods. Being underweight is also a significant risk, so ensure eating enough for a healthy pregnancy. Your doctor may recommend light and regular exercise for weight management.


Summing Up

Some risks and complications are unavoidable for pregnant women, but most can be managed with proactive measures and timely action. Besides the basic rules and precautions, follow these simple tips to ditch the threats and cruise through a healthy pregnancy. Most importantly, follow the doctor's orders from start to end. 

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