How to Become a Video Game Producer

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There are numerous careers in the rapidly expanding video game industry that contribute to high-quality game production. There are a variety of gaming industry jobs available, ranging from concept development to game code writing.


What Is a Video Game Producer?

A video game producer oversees the entire development cycle of a game, ensuring that each department completes their work on time and delivers a high-quality product. Video game producers are more concerned with the logistics of game production than with the creative aspects of game development. Game producers must have strong communication skills and the ability to collaborate with their team members in order to meet any deadlines.


What Does a Video Game Producer Do?

A video game producer is in charge of the business and marketing aspects of game development, such as budget management and contract negotiation. The producer will assemble and manage the development team, oversee production, and manage the schedule, ensuring that all tasks and deliverables are completed on time.

A video game producer's job requires flexibility: it may be to assist software engineers with a technical problem, to communicate with executives and game designers, or to collaborate with animators to determine which graphics will be central to the advertising campaign. Video game producers plan ahead of time and develop efficient, time-efficient strategies to ensure the successful production and marketing of a complete video game.


How to Become a Video Game Producer

A video game producer is in charge of many departments and must be able to handle a variety of responsibilities at all times. Consider the following tips to improve your chances of landing a job as a video game producer:

1. Get a bachelor's degree. A bachelor's degree in business, game design, computer science, or digital media can help you gain the experience you need to become a game producer.

2. Learn and adapt to the game-making process. The entire video game development process is overseen by game producers. To become a video game producer, you must understand each stage of the production process. Designers, artists, and programmers frequently approach the producer with issues or problems, so it is the producer's responsibility to assist them. Producers should be familiar with computer programming languages such as C++, Java, and C, as well as be able to provide constructive artistic feedback and understand which milestones are achievable and what it will take to achieve them.

3. Climb the corporate ladder slowly. Some video game developers begin their careers as quality assurance testers (QA). Game testers who excel at their jobs can advance to the position of QA lead, then to project manager, and finally to producer.

4. Perform routine job searches daily. Some video game companies are more generous with job postings than others, so checking their job boards on a regular basis can be beneficial. You can also advertise your skills and availability by creating a website or a profile on a job site. Many smaller game companies cannot afford in-house programmers and will seek freelancers to fill the developer role, so market your skills.

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