How to Build a Metal Storage Shed: A DIY Guide

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How does a DIY metal storage shed sound to you? Intriguing, right? A 2018 statistic says that there are over 23 million individual storage units in America, i.e., that’s one for every 14 Americans. The average storage shed size is 48 to 288 square feet – 8x12, 10x12, 10x16, etc. The medium size options are the most popular, i.e., between 100 to 200 square feet.

What size storage shed you should get depends mainly on land availability and your budget. So, after you are done choosing the shed size, it all boils down to installing it. Check out the step by step guide to constructing your own steel storage shed, along with some useful tips.


A DIY Guide to Build a Metal Storage Shed:


Step 1: Get Permits (if any required)

It is best to get it out of the way first. Check if you need any permit or follow building code guidelines. If yes, follow it; otherwise, it could lead to future troubles; otherwise, skip to STEP 2.


Step 2: Clean the Site

Is there any debris, rocks, boulders, grasses, or vegetation on your construction site? If yes, remove them promptly. If you have giant trees, you can choose to construct your shed underneath it to enjoy the shadow from it during the daytime.


Step 3: Level the Ground

You can’t construct any building on uneven ground. So, you need to level the soil properly to begin the next step.


Step 4: Construct the Foundation

There are three options for foundation –


Dirt and Gravel –

The simplest and cheapest of them all, it is best if you want to store rough and tough items like garden tools, bikes, etc.


Asphalt –

It is a good option, better than dirt & gravel. It will protect your items and tools, too. However, if you are considering using a shed for a human or animal shelter, consider concrete as an option.


Concrete –

It is a must to get a concrete foundation if you are thinking of getting a multiuse out of your metal shed. Any items that must be protected from moisture must be kept in a concrete base structure.


Step 5: Place Anchors (Optional)

An anchor’s job is to hold the whole structure firmly to the ground. It strengthens the structural integrity of the metal shed.

Even though it is not needed, we recommend you get your whole structure anchored to the ground. It would be best to consider whether you want an anchor before pouring in a concrete foundation. Generally, for a concrete base, an anchor is mandatory.


Step 6: Build Frame

The frame is the skeleton of your steel storage shed. It is what holds your metal panels in place. Follow all the instructions written in the guidelines of installation. Start with base rails, then go for metal posts, grits, rafters, and purlins.


Step 7: Build Corner & Walls

Now, continue installing hat channels, braces, bows, trim, wall panels, side trim, door frame & door jamb.


Step 8: Build the Roof

Finish it off by installing roof panels & ridge caps. You can also install additional features like a gutter if you plan to use it frequently for human habitation.


Step 9: Build Doors & Windows

This is the time to install insulators, vents, and other accessories if needed. Finally, fasten your metal door gate, and voila! You are done. Congrats. Pat yourself on the back for finishing the DIY project.


Essential Tools You Will Need:

- DIY Metal Storage Shed KitScrewdriver

- Nut Driver

- Step Ladder

- Utility Knife

- Tape Measure

- Cordless Drill

- Pliers

- Level

- Safety Glasses

- Work Gloves

- Drill Bits

- Clamps

- You may need more tools depending on the complexity of your metal structure.


Multiple Ways in Which You Can Use Your Steel Storage Shed:

Just because it says ‘storage shed’ on paper doesn’t mean you can’t repurpose it. Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can use your metal storage shed as well: 

- The obvious, storage – garden tools, house clutters, small equipment, etc.

- Sheltering recreational tools – occasionally used items like kayaks, snow gear, skateboards, and tools like camping, fishing, biking, mountain climbing, archery, canoeing, etc.

- Livestock Shelter – Are you tired of going to the grocery store daily to pick up eggs? Get your own. You can use your metal shed as a chicken coop or shelter your pets.

- Art studio – Is there a writing bug in you? Or would you like to pursue painting as a hobby? Whatever the reason may be, it can’t stop you from using your steel storage shed as a workspace.

- Greenhouse – Love planting or pottery? You can use your steel storage shed as a planting station for budding flowers or as a pottery art place where you can display your impeccable creative skills.

- Playhouse – Your kids will enjoy playing in their own playhouse where they can keep their favorite toys. Just make sure the shed is insulated to provide extra protection.


In the End:

Ensure you get the best quality steel storage shed from a certified dealer. Remember to check all raw materials as they arrive; any item left out or missing would delay your work. Even though an anchor is not necessary, you must place it as it will strengthen your metal storage shed.

Do not forget to assemble all the tools and equipment necessary for constructing your metal shed. And finally, after all the painstaking DIY, enjoy the fruit of your hard work with some chocolate chip cookies.

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