How to choose the best feature toggle software?

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Feature toggle (feature flag) software is perfect for introducing a new feature in such a way that the code would not be changed. The solution can be used in many different ways, e.g. in the case of so-called canary release or A/B testing. Its main advantage is that it helps to minimize risk. It allows the user to keep the code safe while introducing new functionalities.

What characterizes the best feature flags?

For the feature toggle software to run smoothly and efficiently, certain conditions must be met. There are several key features that indicate whether a given feature toggle seems promising or not. If feature toggle software has those characteristics, it can be seriously considered to be bought (check

Security of feature toggles

How to distinguish between a good feature flag platform and bad feature flag software? What should be considered to make the best possible decision? First of all, feature toggle software must offer security of performance. The development team that would use it needs to be confident that the solution will not dismantle hitherto efforts to deliver smoothly functioning and complex code.

Feature flag software “ between simplicity and complexity

Another thing that is crucial for feature toggle software is the right balance between complexity and simplicity. The solution must offer a range of options that is wide enough to implement all the necessary innovations. However, the spectrum of possibilities cannot overshadow the need for simplicity. Feature toggle software can achieve the best results when it is easy to use and intuitive. Even though finding the right balance between complexity and simplicity is not easy, the best feature software manages to do it and delivers top performance while being user-friendly.

Introducing new features with flexibility

When different functionalities are introduced, development teams do not look for rigid solutions that leave no room for further moves. On the contrary, they want to be able to use software whose results are flexible and can modify system behavior according to current requirements and challenges. Therefore, the best toggle software for them would be one that is open to change and flexible depending on specific situations.

Transparency of feature toggle software

It should be emphasized that what also distinguishes the very best toggle software is its transparency. When all the procedures and rules of operation are clear to the user, work immediately becomes a better experience. It is faster and more enjoyable, because it does not involve constant checking of incomprehensible aspects.

Feature flag software tailored to the needs

Obviously, feature toggle software must be tailored to the needs of the project. If the project is large, the company should choose the software that offers the widest range of possibilities. On the other hand, when the project is small, more modest software seems to be a more reasonable option.

The best possible quality at the best possible price

Knowing what features need to be considered when choosing the best toggle software makes is easier to find the right solution. Of course, there is also the price/quality aspect. Sometimes there is a need to choose something more affordable, but if the company has sufficient financial resources, it should always go for the best possible quality. Paying more for high-quality toggle software will pay off later, when all the advantages of the solution become apparent.

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