How to Choose the Right Door Installation Service for Your Home

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Doors are the first thing people see when they come to your home, and they can make a big impression. They also play a role in security, energy efficiency, and soundproofing.

You might think that you can save money by installing the doors yourself. However, door installation is a complex process that requires specialized skills and tools. Making a mistake or error could result in more spending, lost time, or stress.

So, hiring a professional is the better choice if you’re considering installing new doors in your home. To find the best contractor for the job, this short guide will discuss how to do that. Continue reading to get started.


1. Make A Short List Of Door Companies

Choosing the right door installation service for your home is an important decision. The wrong company could leave you with a door that doesn’t fit properly, doesn’t look good, or doesn’t function as expected.

Often, the most common advice you’ll get on the internet is to get quotes from as many companies as possible and then choose the cheapest one. While pricing is a common factor to consider, it’s not the only one. You also need to ensure that the company has a good reputation, that the installers are experienced and qualified, and that the company offers a warranty on their work.

To narrow your list without focusing too much on the price tag, try to do the following:

- Ask your loved ones, close friends, and lovely neighbors for recommendations.

- Read online reviews.

- Get quotes from at least three companies from your list of recommendations.

- Visit each company’s showroom to see their products and talk to their sales staff.

Once you’ve made a short list, you can schedule appointments with each company to get more information and get a feel for their work. Of course, be sure to consider your location. Suppose that you live in Alexandria, Virginia. If that’s the case, you should limit your selection to contractors who can do the best door installation Alexandria offers.


2. Enquire About Previous Projects

If you follow the previous section’s advice, you might already be planning to visit the contractors on your shortlist. Once you enter their showrooms, the next step will be enquiring about their previous projects. After all, One of the best ways to get a feel for a company’s experience and quality is to ask about their previous projects.

Some of the leading questions you can ask are the following:

- How many doors have you installed?

- What type of doors do you specialize in?

- What are your installation methods?

- What are your warranties?

- Can I see photos of the doors you recently installed?

Often, a company’s reputation and experience and a recommendation should be enough for you to decide if you will hire them. However, you know well that it’s always better to be safe than sorry. By asking about previous projects, you can get a better sense of the company’s quality of work, and if they can add value to your home with the door they’ll install.


3. Evaluate Their Customer Service

And while you’re in the showroom, you can also get a feel of the door company’s quality of customer service. Do they seem honest with the answers they’re providing you? Are they more interested in getting you to hire them instead of making you feel like a valued customer? Is there any instance they’re trying to end the conversation with you as possible?

Remember that it’s essential to consider the customer service skills of the door company you’ll choose. After all, you’ll deal with these people throughout the installation process and want to ensure you’re happy with their work and behavior. Not to mention that you might be paying them a small fortune that should be enough to treat you like royalty while they’re on your property.


4. Verify Their Qualifications

Of course, you shouldn’t forget to verify the door installer’s qualifications. You don’t want to pay a premium and end up with a door that creaks, squeaks, is hard to close, or is just plain ugly.

Because of that, ask if they’re licensed and insured. Remember that anything that will involve construction on your property should be properly done by a contractor with insurance. Them having insurance can protect you in case something goes wrong during installation.

Also, check if they have installed any doors for any of your neighbors. If they have, it allows you to get a closer look at the quality of their work without traveling too far. Meanwhile, if they haven’t, ask for a reference.


5. Look Into Their After-Sale Services

Some after-sale services you would want your door installers to have are free installation, transport services, and warranties. Warranties can often be seen as proof that a company is confident they will ensure that they will provide service to you as best as they can and avoid losses caused by a bad installation job.

In addition to warranties, you should check if they offer a service contract. A service contract is a document that contains a binding agreement between you and a contractor. Its purpose is to outline the terms and conditions of the services to be provided. With one, you can know what kind of service you’ll get, as everything will be written on paper. It can also help you with disputes if they fail to provide the service they promised.

Even if a door installation isn’t considered a great investment in home remodeling projects, you still need to get everything in writing to ensure you’ll get your money’s worth. So, ensure you get a door installer that offers excellent after-sale services.


6. Compare The Prices With Competitors

While the previous section said you shouldn’t look at prices, you still need to do it. After all, once you’ve done your research and followed all the previous steps, there’s a possibility that most of the companies on your shortlist are equally competent and deserve to get your hard-earned cash. If that’s the case, use their pricing as a tie-breaker.

Of course, if—for some random twist of fate—all of them have similar pricing, then you can close your eyes and roll a dice. You can also just choose based on their location; the nearer, the better.



Choosing the right door installation service for your home is an important decision. After all, your doors are an important part of your home’s security, energy efficiency, and overall appearance. By following the tips or steps listed above, you can choose a service that will give you the quality and peace of mind you deserve.

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