How To Create A Safe Senior Friendly Living Room

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As people age, they develop a very timid nature. The changes are so extreme that even their body responds differently. Their energy levels fall, and they need a quick recharge. And what can be a better way of doing so than to spend some time with the family in the living room?

It is crucial to bring in some changes to make your living room comfortable for senior citizens. Perhaps incorporating a better furniture layout can help. However, there are more characteristics of your living room that you cannot overlook while making your living room ideal for the elderly.

So, here are a few tips that you can use to create a safe and senior-friendly environment in your living room.

#1. Rearrange Furniture To Create Space

Mostly, the living rooms can feel crowded with a lot of furniture in them. Too much furniture can make walking around the living room a very complicated task for the elderly. You might often find them bumping into a piece of furniture. It can prove hurtful for their delicate bones.

The best way to avoid such instances happening to the elderly in your house is to rearrange the furniture. The furniture arrangement should allow them maximum space to move around the house comfortably. 

Consider the following factors while rearranging the furniture in your living room.

- Opt for a clean layout of the furniture.

- Make your living room clutter-free. Sometimes, having a lot of furniture in your living room can make it feel cluttered.

- Instead of having several sofas, you can opt for an L-shaped sofa. It will stay in its designated place and allow the elderly room for movement in the house.

- Instead of having a big centre table in your living room, you can have a small round-shaped centre table.

- To make sitting in the living area more comfortable for them, you can bring home smaller pieces of furniture. For instance, having an ottoman can give them a choice of keeping their feet more comfortable while sitting on the couch or a chair. 

Keeping a convenient furniture layout will ensure that the traffic flow in your living room stays steady. Besides, you can also rest assured that your living room will still look elegant.

#2. Opt For Furniture/Couch With Height

Stooping low can be a challenging position for the elderly. If the furniture in your living room is of low height, you might want to replace it. To make the older adults in your house more comfortable, you can opt for furniture pieces that do not require much effort.

Otherwise, senior citizens might spend half of their time asking for help to get up or sit down. Also, it might make them dependent, which is not a good feeling for people their age.

To ensure the comfort of the senior citizens in your house, you can implement the following ideas.

- Bring home furniture that is of standard height.

- Low-seating dining tables are a big no-no if you have older people in your house.

- On-the-floor diwans will do no good to enhance the comfort level of senior citizens in your living room. So, you can avoid investing in these types of furniture.

- Also, you might want to get a thick mattress for their bed. Since it will have some height, senior citizens will feel comfortable. Also, they will not require much help in getting up from their bed.

There are a lot of places you can explore to buy furniture that is perfect for older people. Ensure that you browse well before ordering any.

#3. Consider Changing The Living Room's Lighting

Another thing you can do to make your living room comfortable for senior citizens in your house is to change the lighting of your living room. Especially if your living room has low light.

With age, people struggle to see the things around them. The power of their eyes reduces significantly, affecting their sight. To top it all off, improper or dull lighting in the living room can make them more uncomfortable.

So, it is best to change the living room's lighting for good. It will not only make the senior citizens comfortable but also enhance your living room's looks.

Here are some ideas for changing the living room's lighting.

- Go with high-powered lamps in your living room.

- You can even install bright LED lighting.

- Install a few night lamps in your living room.

Elderly people might sometimes struggle with sleep. They might even get up in the middle of the night to walk around the house. So, it is best to have the night lamps in your living room well-lit to avoid any accidents. It will also ensure that they don't bump into the furniture while walking around the house when it is dark.

#4. Get Slip Resistant Flooring

Balancing is a great issue with senior citizens. They can struggle with their balance while walking around the house. Also, their bones and body are weaker than before. So, if they slip, it can prove very hurtful for them.

If your house has flooring that is not slip-resistant, it can contribute to making walking around dangerous for them. A living room can be a high-risk area for older people. Also, it contains a lot of stuff, slipping and bumping into, which might bring them new problems.

To make your house friendly for the elderly, you should consider installing slip-resistant flooring. It goes for the living room and bathroom, as it falls under the high-risk zone. Several other ways are using which you can plan your bathroom well.

The below-mentioned ways can inspire you to create anti-slip flooring. 

- You can change the existing flooring of your house if it is already in need of a change.

- However, if you wish to minimize expenditure, you can install anti-slip rubber mats in the living room.

- Besides, pebbled tiles floor display is also a great option to make your floor slip resistant.

#5. Think About Making Their Time In The Living Room Enjoyable

Getting old does not mean that the elderly stop enjoying the activities that they used to love. Perhaps they love to paint. Or, they might love reading. In such cases, you can think about having a reading nook in the living room.

Besides, you can also think about having a corner where they can have their painting equipment ready. You can have all their painting colours in one place. In addition, you can make the place more comfortable by keeping a rocking chair for them in the living room. Besides offering comfort, there are several health benefits of a rocking chair. It makes it easy for them to sit around for a long time and enjoy a good time with the family.

#6. Use Elderly-Friendly Electronics

Your living room can have many electronic items, such as a TV. Technology upgrades can make senior citizens feel a little isolated. To avoid it, one must ensure that they install such electronics in their house that the elderly can use easily.

It would be best to choose remote-controlled electronics to prevent senior citizens from moving frequently.

#7. Make The Living Room Airy

Having a dull living room might be problematic for not just the senior citizens in your house but for other people in the house too. The requirement for fresh air is of paramount importance. So, your living room must have provisions that make it airier.

There are a few ways you can use to make your living room airier.

- Consider keeping windows open.

- If you don't have many windows in your living room, you can plan to build a few.

- Opt for light curtains in your living room.

- Your living room can look brighter and airy if you pick some neutral colour for its walls. Consider painting your living room walls white to make them look brighter and airier.

#8. Bring In Some Houseplants

Everybody loves some fresh air in the area where they spend their time. You can bring in some green houseplants to let the senior citizens enjoy fresher breath.

Having a few indoor plants will be beneficial for everyone in the house. Green plants can make anyone feel calm, relaxed, and lighter. The same holds for senior citizens in your house.

You can even have a few vibrant flowers in your house. It will make the elderly love spending time with everyone in the living room.

#9. Add Railings Wherever Necessary

Finally, you might want the senior citizens in your house to have maximum comfort while walking around. To ensure ease, you can consider installing a railing to avoid any mishappening while they walk around the house.


So, making a living room safe and a perfect hangout place for older people is not much of a deal. You can easily convert your living room into the elderly's favourite place.

Following these few simple tips, you will achieve in helping the elderly get the comfort they deserve in your living room. Also, they will always stay calm and relaxed. Besides, they will love to spend time with their family.

In addition, implementing these few living room changes will ensure they stay safe. These changes eliminate the possibility of any accidents in the living room area. 

Author bio:

Shikha Sharma works as a digital strategist for UrbanCart,a leading furniture & home decor company . Her core interests lie in digital marketing & social media strategy. Apart from being passionate about her work, she adores the idea of bringing people together by creating meaningful content for brands who want to grow.

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