How to Create an Employee Development Plan

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An employee development plan assists team members in achieving their career objectives. Employee development programs assist employers in retaining current employees and avoiding future onboarding. It's a win-win situation for both parties.


What Is an Employee Development Plan?

An employee development plan, also known as an employee growth plan or a career development plan, is intended to advance an employee's professional development. Employees can use this tailored action plan to improve their existing skills or learn new ones in order to achieve their short- and long-term professional goals.

Employers can use an employee development plan to help employees advance into new roles within the company while also understanding the challenges that await them.


Benefits of an Employee Development Plan

Employees and employers both benefit from an employee development plan. An employee development plan establishes a clear path for employees to follow as they advance up the corporate ladder. Employee development plans demonstrate an investment in an employee's professional development, which can make employees feel valued. An employee development plan demonstrates to employers that they value their employees, which can boost morale and improve retention.


What Is Included in an Employee Development Plan?

An employee development plan may include the following components:

Career objectives: Specific career goals can serve as a north star in a performance plan because the goal is to find ways to become a stronger professional. An effective employee development plan will include a list of steps you can take to achieve your short and long-term goals, such as development opportunities, certifications you can obtain, and training programs you can participate in.

Employee productivity: Including employee performance can assist you in determining your competencies and skill gaps. This can assist you in determining where you should concentrate your time and efforts.

Timeline: You and your manager should also establish a timetable for completing specific tasks and goals. You should also decide how frequently you will update your manager on your progress.


How to Create an Employee Development Plan

You should develop specific plans that take into account both your personal goals and those of the organization. The following are the steps to creating an employee development plan:

1. Consider your requirements. Consider your professional requirements, particularly where you want to improve. Employee development is a collaborative effort between an employee and his or her employer, so make sure you have open discussions with your manager or direct reports.

2. See how your objectives can be aligned with those of the company. While you want to advance in your career, you should also strive to advance in your current role. Determine whether you can learn any new skills that will assist the company in meeting immediate goals or if you can prepare yourself for future roles within your company.

3. Establish deadlines. Make a timetable for achieving your objectives. Make short-term goals that you can meet in the near future, as well as long-term goals that you work toward on a regular basis. Create specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound goals using the SMART system.

4. Search for resources. Learn what tools you can use to achieve your goals with the assistance of your manager. Employers may pay for college tuition, classes, or conference tickets; a company may also provide paid time off to allow you to study. You and your manager can create a low-cost resource list that includes webinars, podcasts, textbooks, e-books, and local education classes. Alternatively, you can find mentors within the company.

5. Make the plan. Create your strategy after you've determined which areas to focus on. Your company may have a template where you can enter your goals, deadlines, personal information, and other information. Make a time to check in on your progress as you work through your plan.

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