How to Defend in EA Sports FC 24

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EA FC 24 Defending Tips

Defending is the key to success in EA FC 24. It’s what nets you those wins in online multiplayer matches. Despite having a new name, the gameplay in EA Sports FC 24 is relatively the same as its previous FIFA iterations, apart from some tweaks made. Shooting and passing are hard to master, but the art of defending is even more so. One of the game’s biggest struggles lies in knowing how not to get caught on an enemy’s counter-attack and when to commit to a slide tackle.

There are multiple strategies on how to defend. In this guide, we’ll show you the basics and advanced tactics you can use to improve your defensive capabilities. Whether you’re playing on Career Mode, Ultimate Team, or Clubs, knowing how to prevent attacks will help you win games.


‘Offense is the Best Defense’ Doesn’t Work Here

The saying that offense is the best defense can only take you so far in EA FC 24. The victories are only rewarded to those who have resolute defense. Channeling your inner Jürgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola will give you the highest chance of success. You can always resort to a last-minute tackle like Nemanja Vidić, but that’ll only get you so far. Plus, if you already have a bunch of great defenders on your team that you recently bought with FC coins why not take advantage of them?


The Best Defenders in EA FC 24

Here are some of the best defenders you can add to your FC account:

- Rúben Dias – 89 Defending Stat

- Mapi León – 90 Defending Stat

- Marquinhos – 89 Defending Stat

- Virgil van Dijk – 89 Defending Stat

- Wendie Renard – 91 Defending Stat


How to Defend in EA FC 24

Since FIFA 12 came out, we’re so used to Tactical Defending; however, its caveat is that there’s a bit of a learning curve since you’d be defending with more than just one button. There’s also the Legacy Defending system, where you could only press the A/X button to get the ball from your opponent and cut their attack.

Now, FC 24 has a new defense system known as Advanced Defending. Advanced Defending breaks down the tackling system, turning it into a ‘manual mode’ of sorts. You can press the X/Square button to do a standing tackle while the A/X button performs a shoulder challenge. Regarding effectiveness and ease of usage, Tactical is the hardest to learn, but you’ll be unstoppable once you learn the ropes, Legacy Defending is the easiest to do, and Advanced is the most customizable.

Legacy Defending is banned if you play online, leaving you with two other options. Hence, we think Tactical Defending is the best one.


Why You Should Use Tactical Defending

We recommend going into your Game Settings and changing your defending style to Tactical Defending. Unlike Advanced Defending—the default style—Tactical Defending allows you more control over your defenders.


Here are the controls:

- LT/L2: Jockey

- RT/R2: Teammate

- A/X: Follow

- X/Square: Tackle


Thanks to Tactical Defending, you’ll have these four buttons to work with. You can also move your goalkeeper with the Y/Triangle button and swap players using the right analog stick. However, the four buttons mentioned above are the most important techniques you’ll need to master.


More Tips On How to Defend Flawlessly in EA FC 24


Always Utilize the Jockey Button

The Jockey button can be the most powerful tool in the game when used correctly. It allows you to position your player towards an opponent, making it harder for them to break past your defenses. Since it reduces the reliance on traditional tackling methods, it also mitigates the risk of giving away fouls.

While running back and waiting for your opponent to slip up, stay close to them. Otherwise, you won’t be able to pounce on the opportunity. You can control your position and running rhythm by constantly tapping the Jockey button.

You can utilize Jockeying alongside manual defending. Combine the button with the sprint button to press the opposition and win the ball. However, this is a high-risk, high-reward scenario since dynamic dribblers can quickly get past your defenders. Jockeying is a tricky skill to master, but with enough practice, it can become one of the best tactics you can use.


Don’t Forget About Player Switching

Player switching is a common tactic used in defending, but it tends to be forgotten by some players. Not being able to do it as quickly and smoothly as possible can mean the difference between winning and losing. By mastering the use of the right joystick, making defensive decisions will be far easier for you. Plus, it allows you to change to another defender during heated moments without concern.


Avoid Using Slide Tackles

It’s tempting to just lunge into a tackle using one of your defenders—we get that. Stopping an attack with an aggressive tackle gives you a sense of satisfaction. It’s one of the rewarding things you get from the game. Sadly, it rarely works in your favor.

More often than not, slide tackles either result in a miss or a yellow card, with the attacker’s chance of scoring improving. Using slide tackle as a last resort is the best way to defend in EA FC 24. You can buy FC coins and get the best defending players, but that won’t make slide tackles effective. Jockeying and standing tackles are way more effective since they expose you less.

As dull as it sounds, keeping a stable and rigid defense is the best way to defend in EA FC 24—even if it doesn’t look as flamboyant and fun as slide tackles.


Be Patient

Defending on the pitch requires you to have patience. It’s tempting to rush out with your center-back and try to win the ball, but that doesn’t work 99% of the time. When the ball’s out of your possession, don’t control your CBs while defending; let the AI do its work since they’re more likely to stay in the best position. You should instead take control of your wide central midfielders, who can press and drop back depending on what you command. This keeps the rigidness and stability in defense, making your team harder to score against.

With this method, your midfielders’ stamina might rapidly decrease, but doing a quick substitution in the match’s closing minutes should help regenerate energy. You can also get more breathing room by requesting your forwards to drop back.

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