How to Design a Bedroom That Fosters Good Sleep

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Sleep allows your body and mind to recharge, allowing you to feel refreshed when you wake up. You need to focus on your bedroom's design for good sleep hygiene. Here are significant changes to consider.

Choose a Favourable Bedroom Colour Scheme

Did you know that colours affect how you feel? Calm colours can lower your heart rate and blood pressure, ensuring you have a good night's sleep. Suitable colours include silver, grey, lavender, light blue, and other neutral shades. Green is also ideal as it's a stress-reducing shade.

If you want a minimalist look, you can consider painting your walls white. You can pair white with other colours conducive to sleep, such as yellow or blue. Besides, you should avoid the colour red in your bedroom as it evokes feelings of anger and affects stress levels.

Reduce Clutter

A messy bedroom can generate stress and thus affect your night's sleep. Moreover, this will give a sensation of unfinished business, which can lead to anxiety. This makes it difficult to relax your mind, which then affects your sleep.

Note that you don't have to spend much time decluttering your bedroom. You can spend a few minutes daily keeping your bedroom organized. You can do this by getting rid of items that are not necessary. Reducing clutter daily ensures that there is no build-up of unwanted things.

Invest in a Quality Mattress

Doubtlessly, your mattress determines your sleep quality. It's advisable to change your mattress between six to eight years. However, listening to your body also helps you know when to get a new mattress. Signs that you need another mattress include experiencing back aches or having restless nights.

Bear in mind that everyone is unique. It implies that there is no one-size-fits-all perfect mattress. A plush memory foam mattress is designed of soft layers of foam. Besides offering support, you will feel cushioned, and cool which will help improve your sleep.

Besides investing in a quality mattress, you also need to focus on your blankets, sheets, and pillows. Pillows prevent neck pain. This is done by ensuring proper alignment of your head and spine. Always ensure to clean your bedding to keep your bed fresh.

Adjust Lighting

Lighting in your bedroom is one of the things that can affect your sleep. Note that if you have light blinds or curtains, they may not help block light. This can be infuriating on sunny mornings when you need extra time for sleep. To block light from entering your room, ensure to invest in black curtains or blinds. Moreover, go for light fixtures in your room as they don't affect your relaxing mood.

Additionally, avoid having electronic devices in your bedroom. This includes your cell phone and tabs. The blue light from your cell phone affects the production of melatonin. It's a hormone that controls your sleep-wake pattern. When interfered with, you'll have a night of quality sleep. Thus, if you have any work-related issues, ensure to sort them out before your bedtime.

Bed Position

It can be hard to imagine that your bed's position can affect your sleep; however, it does. It would be best to push the bed up against the wall for a healthy bedroom placement. Yet, if gas or drainage pipes run against the wall, you should avoid this placement.

Furthermore, place your bed away from the window. In this position, many factors can affect your sleep. It could be the movement of animals and cars, wind shadows, or insect disturbance. Note that your bedroom layout affects your bed position.

Bring in Bedroom Scents

Undoubtedly, smell affects sleep. Thus, incorporating some essential oils into your bedtime routine will ensure a good night's sleep. Aromatic candles not only soften the lighting of your bedroom but also have a pleasant scent. This sets a suitable environment to have quality sleep.

Sleep activating scents you can go for include; lavender, peppermint, and lemon. Lavender oil is especially good as it lowers your skin temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate. If you decide to incorporate candles into your bedroom, ensure to blow them off before you sleep.


Notably, enough sleep ensures that your health is in check. To make your bedroom a sleep haven, you need to spend time and money. Always ensure to work around your budget.

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