How to Develop a Food Delivery App Like Just Eat

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In today's fast-paced world, having an on-demand food delivery app similar to Just Eat can be a lucrative venture. The food industry has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, making investments in food delivery app development a promising prospect.

The Boom in the Food Industry Market

The food industry currently stands at a staggering $96 million and is projected to experience an annual growth rate of 11% over the next five years. This growth is primarily attributed to the popularity of on-demand food delivery apps. These platforms allow users to conveniently place orders from their preferred restaurants and have them delivered straight to their doorstep. In fact, this conventional approach accounts for over 85% of the market share.

Decoding Just Eat's Success

Just Eat, a prominent player in the food delivery service, has witnessed rapid growth. Acting as a mediator between customers and a multitude of restaurants, Just Eat garnered an impressive £779.5 million in revenue in 2018. Its app empowers customers to select nearby food outlets, place orders, make secure online payments, and specify their preferred delivery or pick-up location. Notably, Just Eat boasts a network of over 30,000 connected eateries worldwide.

Unraveling the Popularity of Just Eat UK

Just Eat UK's popularity can be attributed to several key factors:

1. Personalized Search Results

The app provides tailored search results based on user preferences.

2. Diverse Global Menus and Cuisines

Users have access to a wide array of global culinary options.

3. Location-Based Search Functionality

Customers can effortlessly find nearby restaurants by entering their postcode.

4. Comprehensive Restaurant Listings

Search, list, and sort restaurants based on reviews and names.

5. Abundance of Local Menus

A plethora of local menu options cater to various tastes.

6. Seamless Account Integration

Users can log in using their existing Just Eat accounts.

7. Easy Re-Ordering

The app allows users to conveniently refer to their order history for quick re-orders.

8. Multiple Payment Options

Just Eat offers a range of payment methods for added convenience.

The Revenue Models Behind Just Eat UK's Success

Just Eat employs a diverse revenue model. While some restaurants utilize their own delivery services, others collaborate with Just Eat Clone to fulfill orders. Here are the main revenue streams:

1. Restaurant Commission

Just Eat earns a significant portion of its revenue through commissions charged to restaurants for each order placed through the app.

2. Delivery & Service Fee

In addition to the commission, Just Eat levies a service and delivery fee. The delivery fee is determined by the distance covered by the delivery agent, while the service fee covers payment processing.

Additional Revenue Avenues

Apart from the primary models, Just Eat also generates income through:

¢ Interchange fees

¢ Sponsored advertisements on the app

¢ Merchandise and packing sales

Essential Features of Your Food Takeaway Delivery App

For a successful on-demand food delivery service app, it's crucial to include these features across three different panels:

Customer App

¢ Streamlined Registration Process

¢ Ratings and Reviews

¢ Loyalty Programs

¢ Multiple Payment Methods

¢ Push Notifications

¢ Location-Based Restaurant Search

¢ Order Tracking and Status Updates

Restaurant App

¢ Login and Registration

¢ Payment History

¢ Order Management

Delivery Agent App

¢ Registration and Login

¢ Order Handling

¢ Location Tracking

¢ Real-time Status Updates

Estimating Development Costs

The cost of developing a custom or white label food delivery app like Just Eat depends on various factors:

¢ Location of the mobile app development company

¢ Platform choice (iOS, Android, or both)

¢ Design complexity

¢ Feature set

¢ Tech stack

¢ Development timeline

¢ Maintenance plans

¢ Use of visual elements

For accurate cost assessment, consider consulting experts at Just Eat Like App Development Services.

In Conclusion

In today's digital age, having a food delivery app like Just Eat is essential for staying competitive in the industry. By investing in modern technology, you can tap into a vast market of smartphone users and secure long-term profitability. Collaborating with experienced tech partners ensures your app remains at the forefront of the on-demand food delivery app development company. With their expertise, you can integrate cutting-edge features and technologies, making your app scalable and future-ready.

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