How to Disvirgin a Girl or a Lady without Pain

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How to Disvirgin a Girl Without Hurting Her. In other words, this is a guide on "how to deflower a girl."

To begin, disvirgining a lady means engaging in vaginal penetration through sex with her and thus breaking her hymen.

We prefer to say it this way: "How can I make a woman's first sexual experience as painless or enjoyable as possible?"

The truth is that women, regardless of age or experience, may experience pain while having sex (and afterwards); thus, this isn't just about the initial sexual experience. What you truly desire is to avoid fear and pain.

Consider a workout session: you can have a hard workout with odd pains here and there, but you'll feel great afterwards.

Recognize that she may or may not still have a hymen (some women never do). So you'll have to watch what happens when you're intimate, and talking to her about it explicitly is a good idea, even if it may be an awkward conversation.

Consider these ideas to help you have a fearless and painless sexual experience.


1. Do not attempt penetrative sex until she expresses a genuine desire for it.

First and foremost, she is presumably eager to have penetrative sex for the first time. That is extremely important. You should avoid having penetrative sex with her until she expresses a genuine desire for it. Try "fooling around," bringing her to a high level of sexual arousal for a few different intimacy sessions without worrying about climax (you will, she will not) before you actually have intercourse.


2. Go Slow

When you're ready to have intercourse, go slowly, and even if she's eager, it may be a process that you go through a few times before you're able to penetrate. Alternatively, once you've penetrated her, she may want you to stop for a moment or even for that sex session. (This may be difficult if you are also a virgin.)


3. Use Vaginal Lubrication

You can also use vaginal lubrication, though if it's a young woman who is eager for sexual experience, this is unlikely to be particularly useful; she'll be producing plenty of lubrication naturally through her body's arousal processes. If she's not producing her own lubricant, she's probably not as "ready" physically as she is emotionally, so proceed cautiously until she's clearly physically aroused. And you'll know when she's truly physically ready. She'll sometimes be the one to pull you close to 'get inside.'



If you don't remember anything else said so far, remember this: "Go slowly." It could be the most basic piece of advice we can give to help you disvirgin without pain. Remember to keep your attention on her to help her enjoy the session. If she enjoys it, she will return for more.

However, if you try everything and you're both frustrated because the hymen appears to be too much of a barrier, she may seek medical attention for an examination and recommendations.

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