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Do you have a wedding, a graduation ceremony, or another social event coming up soon? Is it morning or afternoon? To go to any type of event, it is important to know the type of place where it will be, what type of weather is there at the time and the time it will start.

It is relevant that we know how to dress according to the events, since going to a wedding is not the same as going to a graduation ceremony, nor is the type of clothing for daytime events the same as nighttime. And, of course, you also have to take into account what role you play in that celebration, that is, if you are a guest or protagonist of the event.

In all kinds of events, it is valuable that we have the right wardrobe to make an impact and feel comfortable in each place. Likewise, it is essential that you know that your image is what speaks of you and that there is never a second chance to make a first impression. For this reason, Anvisha share some recommendations so that you can wear the ideal outfit for when you have to go to a social gathering.

Dresses to go to a wedding

Not knowing how to dress for a wedding is usually more common than you imagine. When we receive an invitation to a wedding, our first concern is: what do I wear? Weddings are social events to which we want to live up and demonstrate our good taste and what better way to do it than to dress classy?

You should respect any suggestions made in the invitation. It does not matter if it indicates formal, casual, or rigorous etiquette, you must follow these guidelines on how to dress for the wedding to which you have been invited.

If the invitation does not specify how to dress, study it carefully.

The party's type, appropriate attire, location, and other details can all be inferred from the invitation as a starting point. A very important point that you must take into account is that, no matter what, never, under any circumstances, wear white or any similar colour, such as champagne, beige, ivory, nude or any other light colour. It is seen as a lack of consideration towards the bride. However, if the invitation indicates that you must wear white, this rule is cancelled.

If you are going to a cocktail wedding, as the name suggests, this dress code applies to slightly more formal events, but not quite. Usually, the cocktail type is for a day or afternoon wedding, we recommend you wear a short or midi dress. For any cocktail event, heels are essential and accessories should not be too flashy but festive.

If the wedding is at night, it is usually an elegant and striking event. To know how to dress for a night wedding, try to go according to the place where it will be held. Use finer fabrics than you would use for a cocktail event, you can use rhinestones, applications and even shiny fabrics. But try to stay away from short dresses, if you want to go with a dress that is not too long, you can choose a Midi cut, but always forcare that the style is formal.

Dark colours are the classics of the night; however, you can opt for other, more vibrant tones. This is especially important if you are wondering how to dress for an evening wedding in summer or on the beach since the brightest colours are more appropriate.

Dresses to attend a graduation

If your best friend or someone from your family or friends is having a graduation and you are invited, but you don't know what to wear, don't worry! Here we tell you what kind of dress to wear for this occasion.

When you are invited to graduation, you are part of a select group that the graduate wants to have by their side to celebrate one more achievement. However, although you should go very well groomed, you should not outshine anyone either. Remember that a graduation is not the same as a wedding, it is important to keep it in mind, so you can be dressed up, but not excessively.

For this type of event, a short dress is a safe choice. That it is short means that its length is above the knee, not excessively short. Do not forget that this is an academic celebration and that, therefore, you must maintain a certain protocol. For the same reason, forget all kinds of transparencies and very tight dresses. You can choose between short dresses, with flight, straight, with an open back, or simple jeans top or look for the silhouette that best suits your body.

If the graduation party is in the morning or afternoon, it is advisable to wear a knee-length cocktail dress in pastel colours, such as salmon, pink or mint green, they will be the ideal colours for events in the morning and in the afternoon. You can use colours like blue, green, and purple, which will look great.

Single-colour garments are a great ally when it comes to the dressing if we want to look more stylized, but if you choose a pattern that is not too large or flashy, it is important that the pattern is proportional to the type of body, that is, if you are a small woman choose a small print. You can also opt for long dresses in sheer fabrics or those with an A-line cut that are ideal for this type of event, and are also flattering if you are looking to hide your abdomen or hips.

If the party is at night, the dress code is usually more elegant, the ideal is a long dress, the colours that will look perfect are black, navy blue, wine, grey, we can even wear metallic tones such as gold or silver.

In these events, the use of glitter is allowed, but it is important not to exaggerate in order to look sophisticated. Choose dresses with straighter cuts, since they give a more elegant air, of course, always keep in mind the type of body when choosing the clothes, so that they help to highlight the figure. Although the event is at night and it is valid to wear a little neckline, it is best to dress ad hoc for a family event. Therefore, we do not recommend that your dress have a very pronounced neckline.

Dresses for a business event

Your profession often requires you to attend presentations, cocktails, lunches and dinners, meetings and other celebrations that force you to consider how to dress at a company event. Here we give you the keys to finding the perfect outfit.

How many times do we ask ourselves how to dress to go to a formal business lunch or a cocktail party, especially when our agenda is full of corporate celebrations? As is obvious, as much as your company dinner involves an afterparty, the dress protocol is not the same as when you go out with your friends, on this occasion, much more formal.

The black colour is infallible to go to any corporate event. It is a basic and safe bet that should not be missing from your closet. Therefore, with a little black dress, you will be sure to be right. Bet on basics that you know will not fail you, such as Midi dresses, they are perfect to wear at night.

Another option would be a tube dress, dresses with combinations in white, etc. When thinking about how to dress for a formal work dinner, your office culture should prevail. If the company you work for is a conservative environment, dress conservatively for events as well.

For that work dinner, go one step further than what you would wear to the office. Wear a pretty necklace or dress with textures and patterns, and wear heels instead of flats.

An important point that you must take into account is whether the event is day or night since the colour black is usually used more frequently for night events. In the case of daytime events you can use light colours, and in evening events bright colours work very well. Dare to colour, and look for models that show you as a businesswoman who adapts to new trends. The way you dress reflects both aspects of your physique and your personality, so dare to show yourself genuinely.

There are outfits that highlight your beauty, are formal and show a professional and fresh personality, for example,, a wrap dress with prints of the season without pronounced necklines and at knee height. Irregular, draped or satin cuts are also valid.

Remember that there is nothing wrong with daring to incorporate innovative colours, patterns and textures, as long as the sense of the occasion is maintained, you should never lose sight of the situation you are dressing for, but without failing to express your personality through details, colours, accessories and shapes. 

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