How to Ease Pain between Shoulder Blades via BJJ Stretching

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After a rough day, feeling muscle strain is very common. However, in most cases, you will feel strain in the neck, shoulder, and upper arm muscles commonly because of the sitting posture. This gets even more intense if you have a desk job where you need to sit in front of the screen the whole day. Although people are getting aware of this issue and they are now using various relaxing and muscle care techniques, the challenge of working on your muscles while improving your well-being is becoming dire by the day. Right now as most people are using combat forms for the workout you will see almost everyone straining their workout with some form of stretching. Most people think that these stretches are only linked with improving your combat form. However, experts say that these simple stretches are well-rounded so you can use them for all kinds of reasons.

Grapplers who feel strain in their neck muscles along with shoulders and the area between shoulder blades report that with some pre-workout stretching they have seen good results. Since these stretches are only being used by grapplers at this point, most people who are not grapplers but feel the strain between the shoulder blades never get to experience the ease with the help of these stretches. These stretches are simple and do not require a lot of effort. Apart from this, you will find most of these stretches in yoga so if you want to look at its importance, understanding yoga will be a very good option.

Some of the main stretches that can help with easing pain in the upper body region, especially the shoulder, upper back, shoulders, neck, and space between shoulder blades include:

Ease Pain between Shoulder Blades via BJJ Stretching

There are so many different stretches that you can try, yet most people like the use of yoga-based stretching for easing the pain. In some cases, these starches work but in most cases, the stretches are far too difficult. However, we have listed down the most effective yet simplest stretches that you can try at any point. These stretches are easy and can also be used in your BJJ warm-up session.

Full Shoulder Pec Stretch

For this stretch, you just need a foam roller. If you don’t have a foam roller you can also use a small roll-over pillow. With the help of this roller, you will be offering support to your shoulder blades so they don’t strain with stretching. You need to place the roller in the center and then lay down on the ground in a way that the space between your shoulder blades gets fixed on the roller. Now try and extend your hands on both sides in a way that you can hug someone. Try to extend it fully and see that the roller will offer very good support. This helps in instant relaxation and reduction in pain.

Hanging Stretch

This can be a little tricky if you do not maintain the right angle or follow the right technique so make sure you can distribute the weight of your body evenly on all muscles. For this workout, you have to start by getting a resistance band that you will tuck up on the ceiling. Now get a foam pad to help your feet. The goal is to use the resistance band and hand your body by using your arms. For this workout, the focus will be mainly on the hanging posture. Rather than lifting your heels, you need to lean out so that your feet can take support from the heel and end of the foot.

Horizontal Stretch

This is another very simple stretch that can help you work on your shoulders and ease the pain between your shoulder blades. For this workout, you will stand straight. Now, curl your shoulders back so that it looks mainly like your chest is the only area visible. Now you can use the resistance band and firm your grip. The main idea is that you will be stretching the resistance band from left to right with both hands. Try to take your time and do not yank the resistance band. This will offer you good support over time.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, stretching is a great way to ease the pain because it helps you open your muscles. Most people report that stretching has helped them a lot with the pain however, it is very important to start your workout with starching because without stretching there is a high chance of strain. Within the first few days of stretching, you will feel that your body has a restricted limit. This shows tightness in your muscles and it can only be removed if you work out progressively. As you work out, you will see that this tightness improves and you will feel better. Your aim should be to see the progress so you can track this improvement over time. Also, you can use various angle-based techniques to see if you have improved or if your body is showing the chance of flexibility over time.

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