How to Get Power of Attorney in Dubai

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A power of attorney is a legal document that delegated authority over something to someone else. It appoints the person on acing as the other person's attorney-in-fact or agent in their absence or unavailability. A legal document known as a power of attorney is created for the purpose of delegating authority in a specific legal manner.


Giving Power of Attorney can be done for a variety of reasons.

1. When you legally authorize your spouse, children, or anyone else close to you to handle all of your financial matters on your behalf and in your absence.

2. When you want one of your employees or subordinates to manage the company's finances or make business decisions while you are away or unavailable.

3. When you want someone in your family or circle of friends to handle various matters on your behalf, including financial and medical matters. People who are seriously ill or incapacitated usually grant power of attorney in this situation.

4. When you need someone to do your duties and tasks for a set amount of time.


The Process to Notarize Power of Attorney in Dubai and Abu Dhabi UAE

In the UAE, the power of attorney is reviewed by a notary public. After you submit the power of attorney and the attestation fees, it is stamped as a legal document. The power of attorney should be written in Arabic in the UAE. If the application is not in Arabic, a person can also file a translation of the application. If the power of attorney is issued by someone from outside the UAE, it must first be attested by the UAE embassy in the country where the UAE embassy is located.

The Foreign Affairs department in the UAE will then attest to it. If there is no UAE Embassy in a country, the power of attorney can be attested at a neighboring country's UAE Embassy. You can also seek assistance from private notary services in Dubai, UAE.


Documents needed to Notarize a Standard Power of Attorney

There are various documents that must be presented in front of the notary public in UAE at the time of notarization for the power of attorney. Find a notary public near me. These include;

1. Original passport of the principal.

2. One photocopy of the principal’s passport.

3. Three copies of the power of attorney that is to be notarized.

4. Original emirates id card of the principal.

5. One copy of the Emirates id card of the principal.

Note that Emirati ID card is only required for the UAE residents.


For Real Estate

If a power of attorney is granted for real estate, the person must also present ownership documents for the real estate before a notary public.


For replacing the Agent or Revoking the Power of Attorney

You can revoke or replace a signed power of attorney at any time. It makes no difference why you want to revoke or replace the power of attorney. You can revoke the power of attorney by first writing a Revocation of Power of Attorney Declaration. It is important to note that you must declare that you no longer wish to retain the person as attorney-in-fact. In addition, you must sign the revocation form in front of the UAE notary public. Furthermore, you must notify your agent via registered mail or the bailiff of the notary public.


Changing the content of the Power of Attorney

People may also want to change the language in their power of attorney. It is critical to revoke the previous power of attorney and then issue a new one for this purpose. This is due to the fact that the previous one will still be considered valid if it is not explicitly revoked. This will make the revocation of the power of attorney in Dubai quite clear.


What if the principal passes away?

The power of attorney is only valid as long as the principal is alive. When the principal dies, the power of attorney is no longer valid. Other documents, such as the principal's Will and Testament, are followed after his or her death. These documents are followed up on after the principal's death, and legal actions are taken in accordance with them.


Special Power of Attorney Drafting Services

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So, if you're interested in such services, contact them or go to their website for more information. You can also seek their legal counsel and assistance in appearing before a notary public to have your documents notarized without objection. They aim to foster a relationship between the lawyer and the client, making them even more unique. So, if you require their assistance, they are more than willing to assist you.

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