How To Grow Long Strong And Healthy Nails

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Nails are one of the most beautiful and meaningful of our body's appendages. They improve an individual's appearance and can also be used for practical purposes such as opening boxes or typing on a keyboard. The nail comprises five layers that originate from the matrix, the skin around it; these layers make up our fingers and toes. Understanding how to strengthen these layers and prevent damage is key to good nail health. Nowadays, there are many different ways by which we can improve our nails, including wearing specific products, not biting them excessively, taking certain vitamins or supplements, and soaking them in some water for a few minutes every day.


Moisturize your nails:

Some nail products are available in the market to enhance nails, but people with caution should use these products. The first and foremost step to strengthen your nails is to moisturize them. Moisturizing our nails will help prevent brittle nails that may split or crack easily. You can buy a special cream for this purpose, but using a mild moisturizer will help improve the quality of the nails. Let natural oils naturally form on your fingernails, which will help strengthen them. Use a more potent moisturizer if you have already broken or split nails or they tend to come off quickly.


Avoid contact with water:

Another tip to strengthen nails is avoiding contact with water. Water can weaken your nails by breaking the protein bonds between your nail layers. You should avoid using soaps and detergents with solvents; instead, use mild soap substitutes that cannot remove essential oils from the nail area of your hand or foot. You should also avoid soaking your hands in water for long periods, boiling water, as it will break your fingernails completely.


Be gentle:

One of the best ways to help improve the strength of your nails is by using a good moisturizer for your nails regularly. Another tip to strengthen nails is to be gentle with them. When you are applying different nail products, use a soft and smooth touch so that you do not damage the outer layers of your nails. It would be best if you also avoided all kinds of tools, devices, and instruments that can harm your fingernails by breaking or tearing them. Do not bite your fingernails; this is one of the biggest reasons they split and become brittle quickly.


Be patient with nail growth:

While you are trying to strengthen your nails, you must try to make them grow slowly. You should approach your nail growth with acceptance and allow your nails to grow at their own pace. If you work out so intensely that you end up with ingrown nails or damage them badly by exercise machines, then the fastest way to heal yourself is to take a break from exercising until the injury heals naturally.


Consume healthy foods:

Another tip to strengthen your fingernails is to consume healthy foods. Eating a balanced diet with protein, fats, and carbohydrates is essential. You should include almonds, walnuts, and avocados in your diet because these contain vitamins E and K, which boost nail growth. These foods also contain fatty acids that help strengthen your nails.



In conclusion, everyone wants to have a beautiful set of nails. The information above will help you improve your nails and prevent them from breaking or splitting. For professional nail care, you can always rely on Maniology.

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