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If hacking is your thing and you've been wondering how easy it is to hack into a bank account and steal money, this post is designed to answer your questions while also shedding light on your dark corners.

Hacking is the use of electronic assistance and manipulations to gain unauthorized entry into another person's privacy, with the goal of causing harm to the host. This results in the loss of sensitive materials that are not permitted for unauthorized users, as well as financial losses in banking.

As I previously stated, if making money through dubious means is your thing, I will say you are in the right place if and only if you can read this article all the way to the end.

It is no longer news that youths all over the world want to make quick money, with Nigeria serving as a case study, owing to the constant increase in the number of Nigerian youths as determined statistically.

Driving Benz and the like is now the norm; you're either rocking with the happening class or you're just a Jew man (typical of a fellow who dulls in Nigeria). After all, gone are the days when one had to suffer to make money; not in this internet age, so off we go to make money.

If you're not a yahoo boy in Nigeria today, I salute your bravery, given the abundance of wealth being thrown around by these fellows; it's really intimidating because they rarely pass unnoticed or unannounced, only if you know the pains you've caused your victims by implication of your actions.


Sure, against the caption of this post that invariably awoke your consciousness into exploiting innocent people by stealing their hard earned money through unethical hacking, this point may sound so disappointing.

Do not be discouraged, different strokes for different folks; regardless of which side of the divide you pitch your tent, there appears to be something for you to take away.

Having said that, the purpose of this post is to bring to your attention a BANK ACCOUNT HACKING SOFTWARE as well as educate financially vulnerable individuals and the Nigerian banking populace on the various tricks hackers employ to gain access to their bank accounts; is this practice truly fair? To the guys in this league, nothing is fair in this world, not even life itself.

This post should further position you to protect your banking details, as most victims of these players who have learned how to hack a bank account either gave themselves away inadvertently or are being conned into doing so.

Take a look at how hackers target your bank account and how you can avoid harm and mishaps!

1) How to Hack a Bank Account Using Phishing

Phishing is a practice in which hackers trick you into clicking on links sent to you, while making the link appear to come from a trusted address.

They use this tactic by sending you an email that contains and requires you to click on an attachment or link that appears to come from a trusted email address you're already familiar with.

Inadvertently clicking such links can result in financial losses and damages; the majority of phishing victims have lost a lot.

How to Avoid Phishing

If you receive an email with a suspicious email address, proceed with caution; the address may appear legitimate, but something must be wrong, such as spellings or the manner in which you are addressed; they may address you by your name, but keep an eye out for slimy errors.

If you receive such emails, please DELETE them without reading the content.

2) Hacking a bank account with Mobile Banking Trojans

The ability to access banking services via your phone has not come without consequences. People now use bank apps to check account details and other related transactions; however, this has become a major attack vector used by malware authors from their home.

Trojans are used by hackers in the following ways:

They make a copy of your bank app and upload it to third-party sites. If you download the fake app and enter your user name and password into it, you're in big trouble. The app will send the information to the hacker, who will then plan the operation and empty your bank account.

They hijack apps, but these are just regular Trojan apps, not banking apps. When you download and install them, they will begin scanning for banking apps on your phone. When a banking app is detected, the malware quickly displays a window that looks identical to the app you just booted; if this is done smoothly, the user will not notice any difference and will enter his/her login information, which the app will send to the malware author.

How to Protect Yourself from Mobile Banking Trojans

When downloading apps from the app store, keep an eye on the number of downloads; if it has a very low number of downloads and few to no reviews, it's too early to tell if it contains malware.

An official app for a well-known bank with a low download count is most likely dangerous and fraudulent.

Furthermore, be cautious about the permissions you grant apps. If an app requests SMS read permissions without explaining why, stay safe and do not allow the app to install. Apps downloaded from third-party websites are more likely to contain malware.

3) How to Use Keyloggers to Hack a Bank Account

This is about one of the most dangerous and straightforward methods for hackers to gain access to your bank account. They are malware that records what you type and sends the data back to the hacker.

Consider this: if you type in a merchant web address followed by your credit or master card details, the hacker will have free and easy access to your information and will then hit you hard.

How to Avoid Keylogger Attacks

Install a good antivirus and make sure it scans your system on a regular basis; a good antivirus will disable any keylogger before it causes any harm.

If your bank offers second-level authentication, please use it; it makes keyloggers less effective at operating and transmitting information.

4) SIM Swapping to Hack a Bank Account

SMS authentication codes have been observed to present challenges to hackers. But guess what? They have a way of dealing with it without contacting you.

They will contact your network provider pretending to be you, claiming they have lost their phone and would like to transfer their old number to your SIM card.

If they are successful, the network provider will remove your phone number from your SIM and replace it with the hacker's number. They'll avoid SMS if they have your phone number on their SIM. When they access your bank account, the bank sends them an SMS verification code to their phone.

How to Avoid SIM Swapping

Scammers collect your personal information in order to pass your mobile network provider's SIM swapping test.

Keep your personal information private at all times to avoid identity theft.

Let me explain this scenario to you.

Most Nigerians and mobile phone users around the world lock their phones, making it difficult for anyone to access information on them, particularly their account information.

However, a suspected telephone hacker apprehended by operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad in Ladipo, Lagos, has revealed that such safeguards do not prevent him and his ilk from gaining access to any bank account if they obtain such phones.

Surprisingly, the suspect, Dare Oladimeji, 31, has a Senior Secondary School Certificate.

Oladimeji, a footballer who recently returned from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, having completed his two-year contract with ALAIN FC, told Crime Guard that hacking into bank accounts through phones had nothing to do with being a graduate.


Some suspected members of his gang had previously been arrested and charged in court. During an investigation into a N200,000 withdrawal from a victim's account, he was tracked to the Idi-Oro area of Lagos.

When asked if he had any collusion with bank employees, he shook his head, claiming that he obtained the necessary information from Google Chrome.

He boasted that money could be withdrawn from an account using a stolen sim card, regardless of the code used to prevent access to the phone. Hear him out:

"I make money by selling sim cards." When I get my hands on a SIM card, I put it in any small phone that isn't an Android. After that, I'd enter a code that brings up a list of banks that the SIM's owner uses. For example, if the person is using GTB, I will use the standard code of *37*100#. If the person has money, we would use it to purchase a recharge card to confirm how much the owner has, via a debit alert that would appear to reveal the balance.

Following that, we would transfer the funds to donors' accounts, from which we would withdraw the funds."

When asked what happens if the phone is locked, he replied, "Locking phones with passwords does not prevent me from hacking into any account as long as I have access to the SIM card." "All I have to do is remove the SIM card and insert it into a small phone." The only thing that can stop me from hacking into an account via phone is if the SIM card is locked. However, most people only lock their phones and not their SIM cards. You can only beat my friends if you lock your SIM card and only the owner knows the password."

He stated that he resorted to such illegal activity after losing the money he brought from Dubai. "When I returned from Dubai in 2016, I brought N7 million, of which I gave one Mr Shola N5 million for a genuine business with NUPENG," he says. Unfortunately, the man passed away.

"I decided to start this business, which is a smaller version of yahoo yahoo, because I didn't want to go into robbery."

Pickpockets exist in Idi-Oro. When they stole phones from victims, they threw away the SIM cards. I go out and look for these SIM cards, then continue from there. "No one taught me how to do it. It was taught to me by Google Chrome. This is simply common sense. "However, I regret my actions because they have brought shame to my children," the father of three said.

You realize how far and how rootless these people will go to get their hands on your hard-earned money in your bank account. Do they even care what might happen to you as a result of this loss? What does it matter?

The scenario described above is just one of many in which their victims are subjected to unspeakable suffering.

5) How to Use SOFTWARE to Hack a Bank Account

There are numerous apps and websites available for hacking bank accounts. While some bank hacking apps, such as Oracle2000, Cardro Pro, and others, operate and function locally, a new invention known as XDOLTE operates and functions globally.


If my choice of words offends you in any way, please be generous and understand that it pays to have a society of youths free of fraudulent adventure, who should also make honest and genuine living online. People are making legitimate money online; start a new leave today and you'll be glad you did, rather than learning how to hack a bank account.


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