How To Implement Behavior Driven Development With Selenium Automation

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Considering the situation of modern application development practices, we can safely say that it is almost impossible to create a robust app development framework without including automation testing practices. Due to the modern nature of applications, verifying their proper performance based on human evaluation is impossible. On the other hand, to automate a test, the developers do not need any form of human involvement. Test automation can also help the developers verify the standalone performance of all the elements present in the web application and their combined execution. Selenium was the only prominent name in this segment during the initial years. Even today, with various computers, Selenium has managed to stand in one of the top positions.

Behavior-driven development is one of the advanced application development processes that can help developers to ensure that the web application is compatible with real-world scenarios. So, in this article, we will discuss how developers can integrate behavior-driven development with Selenium automation. We will also briefly examine some of the platforms that can help evaluate these modern testing practices.


Understanding the basics to Automate a Test

Automating a test means eliminating having a human testing team to execute the test cases. For this process, the system becomes a free entity that can perform all the evaluations based on predetermined parameters. These parameters and test data are present in a text file. For instance, the data in the text file can help the system to act like a human being and interact with the web application. This interaction provides critical information to ensure the app is ready to be released to the everyday world. On the other hand, the developers can also make various changes to this text file to ensure the test results are according to their requirements. The app companies can also reuse the test data in future app projects.

Like any other modern application development feature, test automation lacks shortcomings. A crucial drawback of integrating test automation is that the developers must invest a lot of money in the initial starting process. This is because, during this phase, the company has to add various plugin libraries and dependencies for the smooth execution of automation testing. The app development companies also have to go through a lengthy setup process and learning curve where the developers and testers have to get themselves affiliated with all the automation testing practices and features. We highly recommend companies and testers understand their business ventures and possible returns on investment before adopting automation testing practices.


Developing the Necessary Knowledge of Selenium

As previously mentioned, Selenium is one of the most dominant names in the test automation field. Since its initial release in 2004, Selenium has withheld its top position for almost 15 years. We would love to inform you that the initial name for this test automation tool was JavaScriptTestRunner due to its dependency on this well-known programming language. A common myth regarding the basics of Selenium is that it is a standalone tool. However, the reality is that it is a suit that consists of different tools that help the developers in various stages of the application development and testing process. We will learn more about all the individual tools in the latter part of this article.

Similar to core automation testing, Selenium also has a massive drawback. This is because the developers can use this test suite for implementing automation testing processes on only web apps. A simple analysis will reveal various types of applications in the market, like hybrid apps, cross-platform apps, and native apps. This restriction can massively limit the development and innovative ideas of app developers. The open-source nature is a huge blessing for individual creators and small companies who need more resources to invest in the business. Selenium also has a massive community of tech lovers who are always ready to help newcomers. Now let us understand the basic principles of all the component tools present in the suit:

- Selenium Grid is an integral part of the suit as it helps the developers to conduct all the test cases in a parallel configuration. With this configuration, the developers can execute multiple test data on different elements at the same time. It is very beneficial when developers work on complex web apps with thousands of other elements.

- Selenium WebDriver is an integral part of the test suite as it helps the developers to conduct all the core features of the testing process. For instance, with this tool, the developers can start the testing processes and redirect them to the target elements.  With the Selenium WebDriver, the developers can implement TDD and BDD testing methods. The Selenium WebDriver is a superior version of the remote controller as it can directly interact with all web application elements.

- With the Selenium IDE, the developers can create automation test scripts. This is because the app testers must interact with the application. Based on this introduction, the intelligent framework will continue to generate automation test cases. These cases are highly accurate.


Understanding Behavior-Driven Development

Behavior-driven development is a part of modern agile methodologies. With this development method, application development companies can improve the coordination between different teams involved in the app development process. For instance, with this testing process, the app developers can reduce the gaps between the development, testing, and business teams that have a company. Behavior-driven development also helps all the teams to maintain an activity log about the present situation of the app development lifecycle. It also encourages the app testers to have a basic knowledge of the functioning and the development technologies that have been used in the project.

In this testing process, the developers will document the application's performance, which the end user expects. Based on this documentation, the developers will compare the test results and analyze whether the application is ready to be pushed to the production phase. For the apps that require active user interaction, the developers will have a set of random data for performing the interaction and then comparing the expected results.


How to Integrate BDD with Selenium Automation

It is very simple to integrate behavior-driven development with Selenium automation. This is because, for the integration, the developers only have to follow a few simple steps. The steps are mentioned below:

1. To properly implement behavior-driven testing with Selenium, the developers must integrate Cucumber with the Selenium automation test bench. For the smooth execution of this integration, the developers must have all the Selenium jar files and have the Selenium standalone server.

2. The first step in this process is to create a new project in the Eclipse library. After this, the developers must add all the Selenium jar files to this new project.

3. After creating and integrating, it is time to make the feature file. For this process, the developers simply have to create and name a new folder a new folder; it is time to complete the process by clicking the finish button.

4. Now that the developers have completed all the prerequisites for this integration, it is time to write all the test code and dependencies. In this test file, the developers must also write the scenarios against which the test framework will execute the testing processes.

5. Now the developers must create the Selenium test runner script that will be implemented with the Selenium Cucumber framework. The final step in this process is to create the step definition script.

6. The developers can now quickly execute the test script they created in a behavior-driven format. After the successful execution of the test script, all that is left is to analyze the output and make the necessary changes in the debugging process.


Integration of Platforms and Tools with Selenium-Based BDD Testing

By integrating various platforms like cloud-based platforms, the developers can massively reduce the complexity of Selenium-based automation testing practices. For instance, these platforms can remove the need for a physical device lab to verify the application performance. Let us learn more about the influence of cloud platforms on modern Selenium-based automation testing practices by considering LambdaTest as our prime example:

To finish the introduction, LambdaTest is a modern cross-browser testing platform that can be implemented on web applications. Cross-browser testing is a compulsory standard to verify the proper performance of modern web apps. This is because, with this testing process, the companies can ensure the best end-user experience irrespective of the user's change in the operating system, browser version, or system specifications. This platform also has various modern features to improve the efficiency of the testing process, like parallel test execution. Apart from importing the test cases from Selenium, the developers can also import the test files from other popular frameworks like Cypress and Playwright. With Selenium test scripts, the developers can execute them on three thousand different modern browsers and hundreds of real devices.



All the points discussed in this article mainly focus on justifying that it is very simple to introduce behavior-driven development with Selenium automation. App developers must understand the importance of automation testing practices in a modern test bench. This is because the influence of test automation will continue to increase with the advancement of technology. In this regard, app development companies can hold frequent seminars and awareness campaigns to spread all the relevant knowledge regarding modern automation techniques and practices. The app developer should also make every possible move to keep their knowledge updated regarding all the innovations in this segment.

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