Sustainable Fashion: Why It Matters and How to Implement It in Your Business

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When the concept first became known, sustainable fashion was merely another trend. However, over time, as the overall consciousness and awareness increased, people realised the importance of sustainability in all possible aspects, including fashion. That's why nowadays, the sustainable model of doing business is imperative to being successful. Keep reading to learn about sustainable fashion, why it matters and how to implement it in your business.

We will start by clarifying the concept of sustainable fashion and explaining why it is essential. The main sustainable advantages include reduced waste, carbon footprint, being more ethical and providing healthier working conditions. When it comes to the issue of how to be sustainable in your business, the most important thing is to understand the concept of sustainability fully and to be mindful of greenwashing.


What is sustainable fashion?

Let's start by explaining the concept of sustainable fashion. We must first understand the concept thoroughly to understand why it matters. Sustainable fashion encompasses the products and processes, and activities involved during manufacturing and stakeholders. The main aim of a sustainable fashion model is to create a carbon-neutral fashion sector that promotes social fairness, equality, cruelty-free production, and ecological awareness. It is the whole product life cycle process, including the production, consumption, and disposal in landfills.


Why is it important?


It reduces waste

One of the major global problems people are facing is the issue of too much waste. We create tons and tons of waste in different ways, and by doing that, we pollute our planet. We should reduce the amount of waste we produce wherever possible, and we can do that in the sustainable fashion business model. Avoid fast fashion as it creates a lot of waste on various levels.


It reduces carbon footprint

The next advantage of sustainable fashion is that it reduces the carbon footprint. We save resources, energy and water by implementing a sustainable business model in fashion. When we make sustainable clothing, we use biodegradable components from either natural or recycled fibres. Also, we save on shipping by ordering in bulk from wholesale clothing vendors. We can also offer the option of green shipping to our customers. In this case, customers wait a little longer for their package to arrive, pay a little less, and help preserve the planet.


It is ethical

Another positive thing about the whole concept of sustainable fashion is the fact that it is ethical in all aspects. Sustainable clothing items are also cruelty-free and vegan and don't support child labour and working for above-average wages. This kind of clothes is also green or eco-friendly. Also upcycling old clothes and circular fashion are also popular and promote sustainability.


It provides healthier working conditions

Fast fashion companies that make cheap clothes and have multiple collections throughout the year often source their clothing from developing nations. Workers that work in the manufacturing process often work for a meagre wage and in poor conditions. Sustainable fashion is against exploiting workers - instead, it promotes healthy working conditions, child-labour free. The priority is a safe working space and equal remuneration for workers. There is also a slow fashion movement, and you can join it.


How to be sustainable as a fashion business?


Understand the concept of sustainable

To transition to a fully sustainable fashion business model, you should first understand the concept to its core. You should respect all the aspects of sustainability to call yourself sustainable. That means creating healthy working conditions, paying decent wages, treating your workers equally and with respect, not using plastic and other unsustainable materials for packaging, and generally using only natural products and processes in manufacturing clothing. So, you should be genuinely holistic about embracing the sustainable fashion business model.


Be mindful of greenwashing

What you should especially be mindful of is the concept of greenwashing. It is a type of marketing trick. Brands that resort to greenwashing use false marketing to convince people that they are sustainable brand that cares about the planet. They do that through certifications that are deceiving, aiming to gain trust. They obtain these certificates as all it is needed is that they produce one organic T-shirt. Always note where the certificate and materials come from.

We can all do something to live more sustainably. Manufacturers can go green in doing tier businesses, while consumers can support that by purchasing sustainable clothing.

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