How To Increase the Chances of A Successful Pregnancy?

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If you are trying to conceive a baby and want to have a successful pregnancy then you can follow some key points that will improve your success rate. Whether you are trying to get pregnant for a few months or you are getting soon, we’re here to let you know about the points for uplifting your pregnancy success rates. 

Make the right lifestyle choices 

It is necessary to choose the right lifestyle to increase your chances of successful pregnancy. Improving your health ultimately helps in increasing the success rate of pregnancy. You should add protein-rich foods, healthy fats, whole wheat foods, etc healthy nutrient-rich foods to improve your chances of pregnancy. If you are actively trying to get pregnant it is essential to try and stop eating processed foods.  

Eat a well-balanced diet after consulting your gynecologist to enhance your ability to conceive. Infertile women can take advice from the Best infertility doctor in Lucknow.  Make sure that you add all the nutrients in your diet that are necessary for the development of your embryo. 

Avoiding Alcohol and Smoking 

If you are planning to get pregnant then it is time to stop your alcohol consumption and smoking. It is the best thing you can do to make your parenthood journey better. Alcohol and smoking increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. When a pregnant woman drinks alcohol then it passes through the placenta and affects your baby’s development.  

Premature birth or fetal alcohol syndrome may also take place. Women are strongly advised not to drink alcohol at all during any stage of the pregnancy because it also increases the chances of miscarriage. Alcohol passes to the baby in small amounts in breast milk which increases multiple complications. 

Consulting Your Fertility Specialist 

To improve your chances of pregnancy you can also consult with a fertility specialist.  If you are over the age of 35 years and you are trying to conceive but even after a few months of not having a successful pregnancy then you should take the advice of your fertility specialist. 

You can get a personalized treatment plan from your fertility specialist which can strengthen your chances of a successful pregnancy. You can also seek help at the best IVF center in Lucknow for advanced IVF treatment without facing many complications. You can also schedule your pre-conception checkup to find out if you are facing any reproductive issues or not. 

Have Frequent Intercourse During Your Fertile Window

As per the researchers, couples who have sex every day during the fertile window have higher chances of successful pregnancy. Your fertile window usually occurs mid the cycle and during your ovulation, one egg is released so there are higher chances of fertilization. Track your menstrual cycle and identify your ovulation phase to improve your fertilization rate. 

Reduce Your Stress Level

You should avoid taking stress because it impacts your pregnancy. If you are trying to conceive a baby then stress acts as a barrier in this journey. Follow stress-reducing activities like yoga, and meditation, or talk to your friends to get relief. Taking a lot of work stress or emotional pressure can slow down the development process of your embryo. Effectively managing your stress is the key to a successful pregnancy. 


Your pregnancy can be successful if you take well well-balanced diet, avoiding intake of alcohol, smoking, etc.  You can also schedule your pre-conception checkup to find out if you are facing any reproductive issues or not, this also improves your parenting path. By adding some tips you can improve your chances of a successful pregnancy. 

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