How To Make A Fake Wasp Nest

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Wasps are predatory and diverse types of pests. They are often confused with bees because of the same bright yellow and brown color of their body. However, wasps can also come in different colors, like metallic blue and bright red. Additionally, the wasps differ from bees because of their pointed lower abdomen and narrow waist that separates the abdomen from the thorax. Both pests create their own nests but differ in how they are made. Bees' nests are made of waxy material, while wasp's nests are made of wood, giving them a œpapery look; hence, it can be called a paper wasps nest.

What is a Fake Wasp Nest?

Now that we are talking about wasp nests, did you know that there is this thing called a œfake wasp nest? Fake wasp nests are simply described as artificial wasp nests. If you cannot remove the wasp nest, you can create another nest - a fake wasp nest. 

A fake wasp nest is an artificial wasp nest created to help with wasp nest removal. Fake nests are designed to mimic real wasp nests and can be placed near existing or potential nesting sites to deter the presence of real wasps. Fake nests come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, and may include features such as entrance holes, open cells, and even fake eggs.

It can repel wasps because they are territorial creatures and do not want to share a nest or area with other colonies. Fake wasp nests act as a deterrent to wasps because they appear to be inhabited by other wasps, creating an illusion that the area is already taken and there is no room for more. This can help prevent the formation of new colonies in areas close to homes or businesses. Therefore, fake wasps nests are believed to be an effective wasps repellent. 

Create your own fake wasp nest

If you want to get rid of wasps on your own, try creating a fake wasp nest. All you need is a paper bag, a rubber band, and something to bulk up the paper bag but not heavy enough to break it. It can be shredded paper that you will have to put inside the paper bag. Then, secure the paper bag with a rubber band. You will also have to punch one hole to be able to hang the fake wasp nest. 

Do fake wasps really work

Unfortunately, it is not guaranteed that fake wasp nests will repel wasps. Sometimes, wasps will just ignore your fake wasp nest and build their own next to yours. Additionally, some wasps do not mind sharing a place with other wasps. As a result, fake wasp nests will not scare them. 

Preventing and eliminating wasps

If the fake wasp nest does not work for you as it is not guaranteed to work, or you just don't want to waste your time and money buying or creating your own fake wasp nest, the best thing to do to prevent wasps is have a wasp exterminator to access your home. However, you can still do pest control on your own by knowing what attracts wasps, like sweet smells, food crumbs, and standing water, and removing it off your property. Nonetheless, you can always call an exterminator for wasp nest removal. Wasps can be dangerous because they sting, and their sting can be painful. Another concern is when you kill a wasp, does it attract more wasps to your property? If so, that could be even more dangerous. Therefore, let's be on the safe side and leave it all to the experts. 

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