How to Make a Narrow Floor Look Wider

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When it comes to decorating your house, flooring is the most overlooked part. You will concentrate on buying luxurious and practical furniture and think of ways to decorate the walls, however, decorating the floors may not strike you until you look at the fully-furnished house and still feel that something is missing.

Flooring takes up the most space in your home, even though, you have arranged the entire house with furniture. And depending on the climatic conditions you live in, you have to make sure the flooring isn’t too cool or too hot under your feet.

So, how to decorate the flooring space so that you can have full practicality of the walking area? You have to enhance the space without obstructing the walking area. You should be able to walk freely and at the same be awed by the beauty of the flooring.

Here are some of the ideas that we collected for you so that can revamp the flooring space of every room in your home:


1. Focus on using empty walls

Make use of empty walls such as under the stairs. You can either convert the space to a small room or you can create a beautiful shelf to store your books, etc.

It’s one of the ways where you can enhance the flooring by using the empty wall attached to it. for instance, if you have a bookshelf, you will arrange seating furniture to read the books, and thereby utilising the floor space.

If the bookshelf is not for you, then you can place a table or a storage desk to increase the practicality and at the same time the beauty of your home.


2. Use double-duty furniture

Double-duty furniture means the furniture provides both functionality and beauty. Storage desks, corner tables, etc., are the best items to use in the empty floor space. They not only give something to you to store but also beautifies the floor.

When selecting double-duty furniture, you have to be careful to choose the items that have less leg space and more storage capacity. Hence, ottomans, coffee tables, benches, etc., are the ideal furniture to use the unused floor space.

You can elevate the furniture by throwing a few colourful cushions and pillows to add some colour to your home.


3. Rugs are the best and ideal choice

There’s nothing that can beat rugs when it comes to floor decoration. From traditional Persian rugs to modern and contemporary ones, there are a variety of designs that you can use to decorate your floor (read here to learn the difference between Persian and oriental rugs). Whether it’s the living room, bedroom, or kitchen, there are different kinds of rug patterns that can match the theme of your home.

Also, rugs are not beautiful but also offer functionality by keeping your indoors warm in a cool climate. They are warm under your feet and you can relish the soft touch when you walk barefoot.

The only challenge is their maintenance. Some rugs need more effort to maintain. You can choose less-maintenance rugs like jute if you have a busy schedule.

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4. Use floor lamps to brighten up

Another great way to decorate the floors is by installing a few floor lamps. These tall lamps not only brighten the room during the night time but also enhance the flooring.

Imagine an empty floor space living room brightened up by a floor lamp placed either in the middle or at the corner. You will instantly like the idea of the updated lighting system along with beautifying your space.

There are various kinds of lamps available in the market that can match the theme and ambience of your room. You can place these lamps in any room and enjoy the light during the night-time.


5. Opt for some greenery

Who wouldn’t like some greenery in the house? The feeling of freshness and the smell of raw leaves every day in your living room would make you alive and pumped up to do the work throughout the day. It’s also an excellent way to enhance the flooring without overwhelming the space around your home.

When it comes to choosing plants, you have to be careful about selecting the right indoor plants. Money plants are one of the best to grow inside your home. They are mess-free and fresh-looking plants.

If you think natural plants are more maintenance, then you can also choose artificial plants and flowers to place on the empty floor space.


6. Ottomans and storage desks

As discussed earlier, ottomans occupy less leg space and also look stylish in your living room. You can choose the furniture carefully in the living room as it’s the place where you spend more time with your family. It should have enough space for everyone to sit or stand comfortably. So, you have to choose the items that are not over-occupying the space but rather complement the living room décor.

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7. Use decorated tiling

You can choose the decorated tiling to create design patterns and interesting textures on the floor. There are various tiles and marbles that are available in patterns that create a beautiful design on the floor. It looks like a statement piece in the middle of your living room or bedroom. Based on your taste and preference, you can select from various ranges of colours and patterns in tiles.

However, for decorating tiling, installation is the key. You have to make sure to consult only the experts to create perfect designs on your floor. Because, if one tile is wrongly installed, the entire look of the flooring is affected and will look disoriented.


Wrapping up

When it comes to interior decorating, flooring is also a key area in beautifying your space. When you take care of its decoration by following any of the above ideas, you can increase both beauty and functionality of your space.

If you want reasonable and affordable ways of decorating, you can go for planting green plants or if you are more into lush interiors, then invest in practical furniture like ottomans and storage desks. You can awe your guests with your floor design that stands as an inspiration as well.


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