How to Win at TikTok Search and Make Your Brand Discovered?

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Do you want to power up your content discovery on TikTok? If yes, curating the right strategy is essential to improve your presence on the platform drastically. Today, every emerging business or brand on TikTok prioritizes grabbing more users' attention. As a result, more businesses rely on this platform to enhance their online presence and build new connections.

If you are the one, you should prioritize creating and sharing unique content and using the right hashtags. By doing this, your content will appear in TikTok search results. Moreover, you can get discovered in search with the effective use of Tikviral and magnify your presence. In this article, let's learn the tips and tricks to make your content easily discoverable when users search.


What Exactly is TikTok Search?

You will be excited to know what TikTok search is if you are a new user. Here let us know that searching on TikTok is a part of the For You page that you can explore with plenty of content when you type the phrase and click the magnifying button.

The TikTok FYP feature allows you to explore various new content. You can look for new content and find tags and accounts. According to the TikTok algorithm, the search results will be based on many aspects, like the accounts you follow, the content you engage with, and more. The algorithm works based on the user's interaction and takes the most relevant content before the target audience.  

If you want to feature your content on the TikTok FYP, plan to work with the algorithm and amplify the chances of getting discovered. Here are a few tricks to help you start your marketing efforts.


#1 Have a Great TikTok Handle

Are you planning to make a strong first impression? Then, your TikTok handle should convey your brand. Consider using a username related to your brand so that your target audience will quickly identify you. In addition, the best thing is that using your brand's name with your specific brand's niche will make your brand easily identifiable. You can focus on the user's interest and write a clear description to inspire users. Moreover, to increase the discoverability of your business, make sure to include hashtags and URLs. It even drives more website traffic and helps you stand out on the platform.


#2 Include the Specific Keywords to the Name Field

As a user, you must know that your TikTok profile's name field is more searchable. However, taking advantage of it and optimizing it by adding relevant keywords will help users quickly find out about your brand. For instance, if you are an organic cosmetic brand planning to sell your products to more people, including the keywords such as organic products and skincare in your profile name field is a worthy idea.

Remember, your TikTok profile name is not similar to your username. If you want to edit your Profile name, click the 'Edit' icon. In the name field, including links and hashtags is a worthy idea to make your brand more visible effortlessly. The name field is limited to 30 characters, so write it short and memorable.


#3 Get Onboard with Creativity

TikTok allows users to create unique and engaging content with its interactive features. Well, you can experiment with the different features on the platform and make your creativity blow out. Creating unique content that inspires users to watch it would be best. Plus, to make the content more discoverable, you can buy tiktok likes and include hashtags and keywords. Be more strategic while writing captions for your post that should describe what your post is. Consider creating unique content that is more fun and authentic to get more repeated views.  


#4 Include Potential Hashtags

Hashtags are a great element that helps to make your TikTok posts more discoverable when users search for them. So, use the right hashtags so that when like-minded people search for them, your content will be more discoverable. TikTok users search for hashtags using the search table and get the results displayed in the top tap. It will double your content discoverability.

So, to thrive your content discoverability, use 5 to 6 hashtags per post. At the same time, limiting the hashtags is a good idea. But, play with the variety of hashtags to get discovered. Even though there is an option to use up to 30 hashtags, limiting it will not overwhelm users. To achieve your TikTok marketing objective, try to implement the hashtag strategy. Remember to use different types of hashtags to improve your business presence on the platform. The types of hashtags that you can use are:

- Branded hashtags

- Industry-specific hashtags

- Products or service hashtags

- Trending hashtags

- Generic hashtags

- Campaign hashtags and more.

Whenever you share content, don't forget to use hashtags to spark your content visibility. You can also try out Tikviral to highly engage your audience and grow your audience to an extent.


#5 Include a Location Tags for Your Posts

Including location tags for your posts will help people to find content with a specific location. Certainly, location tags will help you to get more views. Try to use the location tags to appear in the search results. It will let the audience discover the location as soon as possible and make your content stand out. Try experimenting with the different tags and influencing your audience to connect with your brand.


#6 Get Lots of Inspiration

Sharing the creative posts at regular intervals will make sense to get notable. First, however, you must look over what your competitors do on the platforms. Getting inspiration from your competitor's posts on your profile is a worthy idea. It helps clear up your vision and create the content that inspires your audience the most.

Make sure to check out the best-performing content and create content that allows you to spot it in an instant. Moreover, following your competitor's account is best to get more inspirational ideas and evaluate the strategy for attracting more new followers. Then, you can create informative content that gets the most audience's attention.


Wrapping It Up

Putting it all together, let's use these tactics, and your content will be more discoverable and win the TikTok search. Then, get up to speed up your marketing campaign by making your brand visible to a broad range of audiences. Start a new TikTok journey to enjoy the rewarding experience on TikTok and up your marketing game.

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