How to Make Your Dental Clinic More Desirable To Patients

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Right now, dental is the business to be in. Not only is it extremely profitable, but there will always be a demand for the most reliable practices. With so many dental clinics appearing across the world, it is now one of the most competitive markets to be in. Standing out from the rest takes more than just offering a great service. There are hundreds of metrics that determine whether a dental clinic will find success, and if clinics are falling behind the rest and not implementing all the required measures to stay in the game, they should expect to quickly fall behind.

Attracting new clients whilst nurturing long-term clients to ensure they stay long-term is an essential part of ongoing success and potential growth, especially with cosmetic dental clinics that are now just as sought after as traditional dental clinics. If you are looking for a checklist of the essential steps you should be implemented, take a look at the following tips:


Create a Great Brand 

Dental clinics aside, you should make sure that you have created a brand that people can admire and are eager to invest their time and money into. This would include having a great logo and creatives that appeal to your target market. You might consider getting professional images taken of your practice to include on your website also, as potential clients will want to see where they are visiting when they go to the practice. The quality of what you do is everything, and ensuring that you appear to be as professional as the services you offer is key to success in the beginning.


Optimise Your Website 

For most dental clinics today, you should expect to see them online with their own fully functional website. Most patients now enquire about dental services online, and clinics that offer easy-to-use, and informational websites will find the most traffic and leads for their dental services. Making sure your local SEO is on point will be beneficial also.

If your website is slow, and difficult to use you need to invest some time and money into optimising the website and making it as user-friendly as possible. Inquiry tabs should be available to see on each page, whilst also including lots of helpful content for patients who are trying to confirm what they need to visit the dentist about.  You might have to visit a developer to help your website to become better to use. This investment will pay off in the long term when you see many more patients visiting the site and making inquiries about coming for treatments and visits.


Show Off Case Studies 

Additionally, your website should showcase some of the best case studies you have of clients that have had a great experience at the dental clinic, and maybe include images of before and afters if they have come for treatments such as teeth whitening. Potential patients will often feel more inclined to visit your dental practice if they see that you have dealt with patients who have experienced the same problems as them. Also showcasing the quality and expertise of your dentists at the clinics is very appealing when attracting new patients.


Become Active In the Community 

Often, dental clinics gain lots of success by getting the majority of the community to trust their practice for their dental needs. When there are many dental practices to choose from in the areas, patients might feel conflicted as to which practice will offer them better service. A great way to combat any competitors is to become active in the community and show your support for the environment you are based in. That might include getting involved with money-raising opportunities for local charities, or also holding fundraisers, and offering prizes such as free treatments for the community winners. Showing your sense of community will bag you the closest and most reliable patients that will use your practice for the long term.


Offer Referral Incentives 

Also, a great way to boost your coverage within the community is to offer your existing patients benefits from referrals. This would include giving your patients discounts if they can enlist their friends and families to join the practice, or even offering new patients who have been referred the opportunity to win something if they are chosen. The best way to avoid lost patients is to offer a community of family members and friends the same level of exceptional service that they can then offer to their extended loved ones. You do not have to spend an exceptional amount on your referral incentives, and it could be as simple as giving away an electric toothbrush.


Be Active On Social Media

All types of businesses that show an active and enthusiastic presence on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are more likely to target a wider audience and show their reliability to patients. If you are yet to create a business page on social media platforms, you might be missing out on some great opportunities to gain clients. Regularly posting helpful and entertaining content to your target audiences is a great place to start.


Answer Patients Concerns 

If you want your dental practice to stand out from the rest, you need to learn from the mistakes that your competitors are making. Many dental practices fail to address any of the concerns that their patients have had, or try to listen to what faults they have been called out on. If you have a bad experience with a patient you should do everything to make things right. For example, if patients are concerned with the price and it being too expensive, you might consider implementing finance options for patients seeking more expensive treatments.


Get Great Reviews 

Furthermore, one of the worst mistakes that new dental practices make is their neglect of asking patients to give positive reviews. Positive reviews are everything, and practices that have 0 reviews can be a red flag to prospective clients. After each client has visited the clinic, you might consider sending an automated email to clients for them to review their experience. Assuming that you are offering a great service, you should expect five-star reviews to come flying in.

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