How to Obtain BIS Certification for Wireless Devices

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As a manufacturer of Wireless devices, you may be wondering what BIS certification is and questions related to it must be roaming in your mind. Well, we are here to tell you everything. BIS(Bureau of Indian Standards grants licenses to manufacturers who follow the specific standards that protect consumers in terms of safety and provide high-quality products. 

A manufacturer can use a standard mark on their product after obtaining a license from BIS. It also aims to prevent unfair trade practices and assure product quality, safety, and reliability. Let’s find out how to get BIS certification for your Wireless devices. 

The basic requirement for BIS certification for Wireless Devices

If you are a manufacturer of any product covered under the CRS scheme then registration is necessary for the product before selling in the market. Manufacturers who want to apply for the BIS Standard Mark on their product should conform to the requirements of Indian Standard Specifications. A BIS license will provide you BIS-based self-declaration of conformity of the product with the application you are submitting.  A BIS Registration For Electronic & IT Products is mandatory for all the products that fall under it.  Other than wireless devices many other devices such as amplifiers, CCTV recorders, LED TVs, Digital cameras, etc. 

Which documents are necessary for obtaining BIS certification for Wireless devices?

The documents that are necessary for obtaining BIS certification for Wireless devices are self-declaration of Conformity, details of authorized signatory, details of the samples to be tested by BIS, Test report Conformity by Third Party Testing Laboratory of Product Samples, Name and Address proof of the manufacturing unit and the scope of business activity, Copy of acknowledgement received from the portal, Details of Authorized Signatory and other related documents, details of the product's Models, Self-Declaration of Conformity. 

What are the steps of BIS certification for Wireless devices?

The BIS Registration For Electronic includes some steps. The first step is online application submission. In this step, applicants have to apply on the BIS online CRS Portal by filling out the BIS registration form to get login credentials. 

The next step is testing the products. Applicants have to generate test requests by logging in with their credentials and getting their product tested from a BIS-approved lab. 

After this step, the applicant has to submit the application on the portal with a test report within 90 days of its issue and submit all the necessary documents. Later on, after verification of all the documents the Bureau will grant a BIS license to manufacturers to apply Standard Mark with a unique R number on their products.  

Cost to obtain BIS certification 

The cost of application for BIS certification is Rs. 1000 and its renewal cost is also Rs. 1000. The processing fees and registration fees are Rs. 50000 and Rs. 2000 respectively.  This cost may vary as per the location of the manufacturer, type of product and number of models, service fee, and applicable government fees. 

What is the validity of BIS certification? 

BIS license is provided for a minimum of two years and it can be renewed in a minimum of two years after the request of the license owner. But, if the renewal application and requisite fee are not submitted within 90 days of the validity date your BIS license will be considered expired. 


BIS certification is necessary for wireless devices because it reflects that the product is safe to use and follows all the standards that the Bureau specifies. All electronics and IT product manufacturers must get BIS certification for their products to increase their trust in the eyes of consumers. 

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