How to Organize Great Food for the House Party? Read Below!

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Delhi the dilwalon ka sheher is the city for all. Be it the students with big dreams or be it with the families of 6 residing in the city for decades, Delhi is the home to all. However, it gets difficult to match the race amidst the fast pace of life. People are often trapped in their own struggles. At this time, home parties can be the best getaway from all kinds of stress. Good food, good mood, games, dance, and music and what not!

Being in Delhi, you do not even have to worry about food because this city is the hub of the best restaurants. Order online and wait for your package of happiness to arrive at your doorstep. Thinking about what to order for a feast? We have got your back.


Dinner Ideas From The Best Restaurants For The Absolute Feast   


Choices For Pure Veg

These pure veg choices are handpicked from the restaurants in Delhi. Here is what you can order from there.  


Chole Kulche

Chole kulcha and chole bhature are one of the mandatory foods when you are in Delhi. Although you will find stops of chole kulche at every corner and lane of the road, yet getting these from the restaurants can be heavenly. For this, you can book your order for delivery from Shree Gopal Ji Ke Chhole Bhature or Haldiram’s. They will surely give you a great feast. 


Chur Chur Naan

Chur chur naan with any sabzi can add more flavor to the sabzi you have. The best restaurants in Delhi know how to play with this recipe and try numerous fabulous additions to it. Just like Purani Prem Di Hatti’s aloo pyaaz naan and paneer naan are among the finest naan innovations to relish. In fact, you even get combos of chur chur naan thali with sabzi and raita platter. So, order this in bulk for treating all the guests in your house.  


Sabzi Combo

For a dinner main course portion, you can pick two to three sabzis that everyone loves. For example, shahi paneer, rajma, and dal makhani are some of the main course choices liked by even the most choosy people. Order this from the best restaurant in your city like Pyare Lal Amritsari (Famous Subhash Nagar), Jaiveer Naan & Chaap etc. These places can serve you amazing food at the best price.   


Fried Rice Or Pulao

A feast is incomplete in India if there is no rice by the side. Be it as simple and tasty as jeera rice to something good like pulao or fried rice, you must definitely place an order for the same. Order from Punjabi Angithi or Apni Rasoi to experience the best taste in rice.   


Choices For Non-Veg

Delhi is the food capital of India, offering a lot many food options in the non-vegetarian cuisines. Here are some of the unrivaled food choices that you can order for the feast at home.   



If you are looking for the best non-vegetarian snacks for your dinner party at home, then you got to keep plates full of kebabs. People wait for it! So, you can order from some of the restaurants in the city, like Sethi’s Kitchen, tikka junction, Nazeer Foods, Mughal Darbar, etc. Order from a plethora of kebabs and tikkas to serve a platter full of flavors.   


Biryani And Combos

One of the best meals to serve for the chow of non-vegetarians is biryani. And Delhi can make you happy in this. Order from the restaurants for biryani in town, like Behrouz Biryani, Shama chicken corner, and Sheikh Chang Singh. In fact, Sheikh Chang Singh also offers biryani combos of chicken biryani + chicken tikka roll + coke. Like this, there are more options in chicken, mutton and veg biryani. Order for a wholesome happening party at home.   


Non-veg Main Course

Save your day with a happening treat of butter chicken (because everyone loves it). With this, you can go for other mouth-watering main course combinations of tawa chicken, rara chicken, laal maas, saag meat, mutton korma etc. Order these from the restaurants with top ratings, like Mughal Darbar, Aalam chicken corner, and Currynama By Seven Seas, to get good food in fair quantity and at excellent prices.   


Indian Bread Options

These bread options are not restricted to veg or non-veg food. These are typically Indian, just like most of the people demand. Here are the bread options that you can get from the best restaurants in town.  



This is one of the most-loved flatbread options. All thanks to how wonderfully it enhances the feel of the main course gravy. This is also filling enough to beat the hunger. You can estimate 2 naan each and order accordingly for the people.  


Tandoori naan/ tandoori roti:

This bread is made in a clay oven to cook it in earthy flavors. It is another bread option that will blend beautifully with shahi paneer and butter chicken.  


Tawa Roti:

Diet-conscious people generally prefer tawa roti over any other type of bread for its benefits and health reasons. So, placing an order for this can be a great idea.

P.S. It's better to look for the best restaurants that are close to your place so that the authenticity and softness of the bread remain the same by the time it reaches your home.   


Soothing Beverages

Do not forget beverages to sip with this wholesome meal. For this, they order cold drinks, lassi, tea, coffee, etc., that they can savor with the game of poker.  

This is how you make your house party happening and memorable. You just have to sit back at home and place the order from the best restaurants who can serve you everything up to the mark. Find these restaurants straight away at the online platform of Swiggy. You can find all the top-notch restaurants listed right at this one-stop. Order a variety of food and a range of cuisine conveniently with just a screen in front of you. Place the order, and it will arrive to you even before the guests arrive. Be a great host with Swiggy!   

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