How to Outsource Link Building in 5 Simple Steps

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Link building is an essential part of search engine optimization. Backlinking allows your website to develop credibility on the online plane and have a broad reach for organic visits. Additionally, backlinking enables the search engine to crawl through the websites linked to each other to establish which websites should rank highly on the search engine's first web page.

There are different ways to achieve effective links to the website. Two of them are white hat backlinking services and black hat backlinking services. White hat backlinking involves organic methods of collecting links to your website, including building online relationships. However, this takes a lot of time, so some website developers may opt to use faster black hat services.

Regardless of your strategy, you may have to outsource your backlinking services to another organization or company specializing in such services.

Hence, this article gives you a five-step process for effective outsourcing.


Why Should You Outsource Link Building?

As already established above, link building takes a lot of time. 32% of link-building professionals spend 1-2 hours for a single link, while 24% may require more time, with 3-5 hours per link. Social media has become a tool that link builders are using to work more effectively. The average link acquisition rate for those who utilize them is 16.81%, while the rate for those who do not use social media is slightly lower at 13.78%. To effectively undertake organic white hat backlinking, you must dedicate a lot of time and resources to the process. It could be a tasking endeavour, especially if you intend to do the link building in-house. Looking for an organization specializing in link building could be a very effective way to save time while still achieving effective link building.

Secondly, using white label back link services allows you to save on costs that you would otherwise spend on training an individual on digital marketing or hiring a digital marketing expert for your organization. For some people, spending money on outsourcing certain services may appear counterintuitive, especially if you can try to do it in-house. However, remember that outsourcing ensures you get quality services from experts with vast experience in the link-building scene.

Lastly, outsourcing allows you to relax as another person handles the bulk of the work that otherwise worries you. For small organizations and businesses, the organization's leaders often have many obligations to manage. Adding something like link building to these obligations could significantly strain their work schedules. Outsourcing this work to others will be a relief and a load off their shoulders.

The Process for Outsourcing Link Building


If you have decided to outsource your link-building services to another organization, follow the below-mentioned process.

1. Do A Google Search of Different Link Building Services

Considering that you want to ensure your website has effective search engine optimization, doing a Google search of the different link-building services is the first step. It will allow you to see which service provider is skilled at their work and appears at the top position of the Google search results. If you want to get search engine optimization services from a specific service provider in your country, you must specify this on your Google search.

2. Look for Testimonials and Reviews

The beauty of the Internet is that regardless of the service you are looking for, customers have always tried the service and left a review. Reviews are an effective way to shortlist different service providers to ensure you get the best possible deal. However, even as you look at reviews, be keen to verify the authenticity of all reviews by checking multiple sources. You wouldn't want to fall for a review that the company created for itself.


3. Find Out the Type of Service Offered

After narrowing down your list, the next step is to identify the type of service that the company offers. You could do this by reaching out to the company and asking them to provide you with a breakdown of their services. When you reach out to a company to offer link-building services, you trust them with your organization's reputation. Therefore, you must be sure that the services they provide you will not tarnish the organization's reputation.

At times, link-building companies may use evil ways to increase the links they provide you. In such instances, you stand to lose a lot, especially if Google penalizes you for using inorganic methods of building links.


4. Only Consider Services with Realistic Promises

Companies will say virtually anything to get your business. It includes making promises that they cannot fulfil. Beware of companies that guarantee top position ranking on every search engine. It could indicate that the company is making promises they cannot fulfil only to get your business.


5. Review the Costs

The final step in choosing the company to go for is reviewing the costs of the companies. Ensure that you get the best deal when outsourcing your link-building services. While going for a cheap service could save a buck or two, you need to strike a balance between affordable services and mediocrity. Thus, deciding on costs should be the last thing you do.

Parting Shot

When you outsource link building to another company, you need to ensure that you get the best services while insulating yourself from black hat services on the market. Following the five steps mentioned above will guarantee you get what you need in the long run. 

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