How to Redeem Etisalat Smiles Points

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The Smile app was created by Etisalat to assist people in improving their lifestyles without spending a lot of money. This app allows you to redeem your points, which you can earn if you are a UAE citizen in two ways: by paying your bills and by using new post-paid yearly plans. These points can be used to pay bills at various establishments, as discounts at various establishments, and as shopping vouchers.

You can also use these points to get exclusive offers on dinners at various restaurants and discounts on various attractions such as movies and theme parks in the UAE. Users are sent six deals based on their location, interests, and history. These offers are delivered to users on a daily basis. Smile points can be earned and used by anyone in the UAE. 


These kinds of deals, for example, are available.

- You can use your smile points to book travel, such as tours and flights.

- Redeeming the smile points entitles you to various discounts in UAE theme parks as well as other discounts such as 50% off movie tickets.

- You can use your smile points to get discounts at a variety of restaurants, such as buy one get one free deals.

- You can use your smile points to buy groceries at the supermarket.

- You can also redeem points for use in a variety of lifestyle and fashion outlets throughout the UAE.

- You can also use this app to pay your Etisalat bills.


You can earn Smile Points by using the Smile app, shopping with businesses you've partnered with, using co-branded cards, or spending money with Etisalat.


Smile points can be redeemed using the Smile app in the following ways:

To use the smile points, you must first sign up for the smile app. You must complete the following steps to sign up there.

Step 1: Go to the app store or play store and download the Smile app.

Step 2: Enter your mobile phone number into the app.

Step 3: A single message will be sent to the phone number you enter now.

Step 4: You will be asked to enter your email address, nationality, name, date of birth, and other information.

Step 5: You will receive a message requesting confirmation.

Step 6: You will see sections where you can select the service you want to use. For example, food delivery via the app.

Step 7: You may order whatever you want.

Step 8: You can now pay for your meal with smile points.


How do I use my smile points?

Step 1: On the Etisalat website, log in to your account first, and then click the launcher to access the renewal panel.

Step 2: After that, all of the rewards will be clicked. If there are no points available for redemption, a progress bar will appear on the right side next to the reward's name.

Step 3: If the points are sufficient, the redemption button will appear.

Step 4: Customers will be directed to a page that displays the coupon code along with a "app code" button, which will automatically apply the coupon code to the checkout. 

Step 5: Use the point slider to determine how many points you want to spend and then press redeem to redeem different rewards.

Step 6: An email with your coupon code will be sent to you for your records.


Each smile point is worth 0.01 AED, so if you have 100 of them, you will receive 1 AED. Smile point values are determined by Etisalat and may differ across redemption partners on the UAE Smiles app.

To find out how much balance of your points you have. You must send an SMS to 3000. The message should be null and void.

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