How to report content or behavior on Fiverr

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Fiverr is an online platform where freelancers advertise their talents and services to customers around the world. The platform has provided a diverse marketplace that is recognized by many as the go-to place for any task that needs attention ranging from graphic design to digital marketing.

Every time in the online community, it is very important to make sure that one has created a safe and respected environment. However, misuse of the platform may include such situations as publishing inappropriate content or exhibiting inappropriate behavior that can bring the integrity of the platform and its users into question. It is necessary to note that reporting any such incidents is paramount in maintaining a good reputation and Fiverr's excellent customer experience that’s why we have created this article on how to report content on Fiverr.


Reporting Content and Behavior on Fiverr

Fiverr is parallel to all of their community members and they intend to make sure that the environment is always mutual, inclusive, and safe for all.

If you notice the violation of the Community Standards and inappropriate behavior of Gig, the Fiverr support team is eager to have it reported.


Reporting a Gig


1. Go to the Gig page and click on the flag icon near the top right corner.


2. Choose one of the reasons from the dropdown.


Note: If you need to cover a specific issue that is not listed in the given list, please select ‘Other’ and give additional information in the space provided.


Reporting a Message or a Conversation.

You can submit a response or message either from the Orders page or your Inbox.


1. Open the conversation/message you’d like to report; click the Report button (the flag icon) then send it to the Trust and Safety team.


2. Choose the reason from the drop-down list > Next.


Note: If you have a particular issue that is not presented as an option then choose ‘Other’ and put the details in the text box.


3. Then you are given the option to pick Block this user from interacting with me then you click ‘Submit’.



Reporting a Video Call

The call is also recorded. You can access the recording later by clicking on the link provided in the note which displays the duration of the call.


1. Click the report the incident link that is located next to the flag icon right below the note.


2. Choose a reason which has been offered in the list.


Note: If the particular issue you would like to report is not on the list, select ‘Other’ and provide the necessary details on the text box.


What’s Next When you Report an Item

If a Gig or unwarranted behavior is reported, a confidential mechanism is in place. The reporting user will not know about the user who reported them.

The platform will handle the review and investigation on a private basis. To ensure that your confidentiality is preserved, you won't be sent a response to the report or updates on the review process.



Showing people how to report content or behavior on Fiverr is the backbone of the community to have a secure and friendly environment. By adhering to the pre-defined guidelines and taking a proactive approach, users will become the building blocks that hold the integrity of Fiverr and create a culture of accountability.

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