How to Save Money on Your Gaming Hobby

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Saving a little money here and there can make a big difference when it all adds up. We have plenty of guides on different ways to save money, but often a good place to start is with your hobbies. Gaming doesn't have to be a particularly expensive hobby in order for it to be great fun. Recently, there's been an explosion of mobile games that totally remove the need for a console, games that work on a freemium model, and plenty of other technological advances that have helped to make gaming cheaper. This is our guide to how to make the best use of those technologies, alongside other tips for saving those pennies.


Look Out For Sales

The easiest way to save a little money is to look out for games that are on sale. With providers like Steam, you can set alerts for when certain games are reduced, meaning you can make big savings on titles that you were going to buy anyway. If you want a more general alert when games are on sale then joining a mailing list for your favorite games developer is a smart idea. Mailing lists will always mention big sales, but, more than that, they'll sometimes give their subscribers early access codes for the sale, or even additional money off purchases.


Make Use of Bonuses

Many games exist in the online sphere now, which means it is easy to find bonuses and rewards. If you enjoy casino games the most, then looking out for bonuses is perhaps the simplest way to save a little here and there. Slots gamers can usually find free casino spins which will make their play money stretch further. Some websites offer these to new players only, so it can be worth signing up to a new site every now and again to make sure you're always getting the best bonuses.


Get to Know Goodwill Stores

Caption: Goodwill stores are treasure troves for retro gamers


Goodwill stores are the perfect place to save money on your gaming hobby and even add a whole new dimension to it. Often you'll be able to find titles from the last few years which will be considerably cheaper than if you were to buy them new. However, if you're looking for the biggest bargains then you should check out the titles that are much older. Games that were released for the PlayStation 2, or even 1, can be as little as a dollar each and still offer hours of fun. As well as this, retro gaming is having a resurgence at the moment, so if you get to know the titles that sell well online, you might even make money. Some games are sought after by collectors and fans of retro gaming, so after you're finished enjoying the game, you could sell it on for a profit.


Play Freemium Games Wisely

Freemium games can be a great tool in your money-saving toolbox, as long as you take advantage of them in the right way. The freemium model allows you to play the full version of a game for free, with the option to customize it, skip ahead, or save time by paying for a premium currency. It can be tempting to keep skipping ahead for a couple of dollars each time, but if you're patient then you can experience the same game for absolutely no money.

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