How to Seamlessly Introduce New Software at Your Business

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There is no doubt that most businesses are going through constant processes of change, meaning that they are going to need to be fully ready for anything that is coming down the line. At the same time, they all need to be fully ready to make any periods that could be potentially disruptive as calm as they possibly can be. There is no doubt that the introduction of new software is one of those times that has the potential to cause a big upheaval β€œ especially if there are plenty of people at the company that are already naturally resistant to change and prefer to keep things at the current status quo for as long as possible.

With all of these factors in mind, it is certainly going to be worth introducing any new software to your business in a manner that is totally seamless. Ultimately, this means anticipating any potential disruptive events and making allowances to defend against them in a successful manner. So, let's look a little bit closer at a few of the top tips that can help you out in your eventual aims.


Ensure You Have Chosen the Right Software

To begin with, it is certainly going to be worth taking the time to ensure that you have chosen the right software in the first place. Essentially, this is going to mean that you are not going to go through the process of disrupting your company to bring in some new software, only to decide that it is not as appropriate as you had hoped further down the line. Doing your research is going to be a useful initial starting point, but you should also try to have a trial of the software to see how it would fit in and function at your company. Appoint a few leaders who are able to deal with the implementation successfully but remember the old adage that too many cooks can spoil the broth.


Communicate with Staff Members Early

First of all, once you have decided on the specific package of software that is going to be most useful to your needs as a company, it is then going to be highly worthwhile ensuring that you communicate the changes with your staff members early on. Rather than highlighting any disruption that will be going on, you are going to be much better off communicating the benefits that the software will bring into their lives. Perhaps it will reduce some of their least favourite duties, leaving them to get on with the more positive aspects of their job. Otherwise, it could be that the software is going to make their jobs less stressful than they currently are.


Ensure That Integration Happens Smoothly

Once the communication stage has happened effectively, it is then going to be your responsibility to ensure that the integration occurs in a similar manner. Of course, there may be some disruption along the way, but as long as you have made a plan to keep this to a minimum, you are much more likely to find yourself in a positive situation. It could be that you need to think about how the software is going to work with anything else that you currently have in place like other software β€œ in which case, you may need to look into an API gateway and exactly how this is going to function alongside it all. If there are any issues that start to spring up along the way, it should certainly be the case that your staff members feel fully comfortable communicating them with the relevant people.


Appoint Some Software Champions

While you may already have some technical experts in place, it is a good idea to assign some specific software champions at your organisation. These people can have the specific remit added onto their role to be able to get to grips with any software that you are putting in place. They also need to be highly effective communicators as this will make it much better in terms of ensuring that they are able to properly tell people about the specific features, and staff members will feel fully comfortable approaching them as and when they encounter any specific issues. This also has the added advantage of getting people enthusiastic about the tool, ensuring that they are going to be a positive voice in favor of it rather than being against it for any reason whatsoever.


Train Up Your Teams

There is no doubt that the training of the teams is going to be a vital part of the journey. If you can start with the theoretical side of it all before you have even got the software, this is already going to ensure that you have gotten off to a running start. There are bound to be some people who feel fully comfortable bringing on board these skills sooner than others, which is why it is going to be worth not assuming any prior knowledge and letting people take their time. The software providers are often going to be on hand to provide some specific demos, so it is certainly going to be worth roping them into the process as and when this is at all possible. Bear in mind that it is going to take time, and you can safely assume that there will be some mistakes that are coming along the way.


Ensure That Feedback is Actively Encouraged

As has been pointed out throughout this blog post, while you will want to make sure that it all runs as seamlessly as possible, there are bound to be one or two issues that spring up. When staff members feel fully comfortable to let people know when these are happening, it makes it much more likely that the issue can be resolved quickly. Not only this, but it is also highly likely that many other people are going through the same type of challenges, and they will also be able to have their problems sorted out sooner rather than later. Based on the feedback that you end up receiving, you can then ensure that there are some additional training sessions that are organized, allowing improvements to be made in the most seamless manner possible.


Keep on Reviewing How it is Going

It is certainly not going to be the case that bringing new software into your business is as simple as simply hoping for the best and thinking that it is all going to work out without a problem. Instead, you need to keep on reviewing the process to determine as and when potential changes are going to be needed. It could be that you are going to need to bring in some refresher training to help out those that are particularly struggling. It could also be the case that more features of the software will start to be discovered, which is going to mean that improvements also have the potential of being made along the way.


Learn for Next Time

While you have new software coming in at this time, it may well not be the last occasion in which it is going to be the case. Therefore, you certainly need to be able to learn for next time based on what has gone on now. Think about what went well and what could still be improved. It is going to be the latter category that needs some obvious work to ensure that as much as possible can be ironed out for next time. This way, you are likely to make it all run even smoother in the future.

There you have just some of the ways that you have available of ensuring that new software is brought on board in the most seamless manner possible. To begin with, you are certainly going to need to take the time to ensure that you are choosing the right software in the first place. Once this has been assured, you are then going to be able to set out ensuring that you are communicating with your staff members in the correct manner β€œ particularly highlighting any direct benefits that they can expect from bringing on board the new software.

You are then going to go through the integration stage, and there is no doubt that appointing some champions in the first instance is going to be highly useful. At the same time, there is also plenty that you can be doing in terms of training your staff members in an effective manner. Feedback needs to be actively encouraged at every stage along in the journey as it can end up being so useful for all of your staff members. You should also put in place a series of constant reviews along the way. The final review is also going to be highly important as this will help you out as and when you need to bring in any additional software into your business. This can make all the difference in the future.

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