How to troubleshoot- Errors have been detected in the File Outlook.OST?

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An OST, or offline storage table, is the file format used to keep an Outlook mailbox in offline Exchange mode. It is kept in the same folder where Outlook PST files are kept. Offline Storage tables, on the other hand, are created when an Outlook mailbox is disconnected from the Exchange Server, in contrast to PST files. Users of Outlook can continue using OST files to carry out activities like file sharing, scheduling, and emailing until the application and mail servers are reconnected. However, the synchronization of OST data with the mail server is halted by extended connectivity loss between Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange. Outlook users cannot access their Exchange Server mailboxes if their OST is not synchronized with MS Exchange Server. 

Non-synchronization or destruction of OST files can be caused by several factors, including virus invasion, corrupt storage media (hard drive or portable drive), Exchange Server crashes, and others. Various error messages appear while opening a mailbox saved in an unavailable or corrupted Outlook Web Storage (OST) file. When an OST file is corrupt, one of the error messages displayed is: 

"There are errors in the file Outlook.OST." 

The message of error stated above could have multiple causes:

• Intrusion of malware and viruses that have corrupted the OST

• MS Outlook was forced to stop while the OST was synchronizing with the Exchange server.

• Unintentional system shutdown that prevents the delivery of OST data to the mail server 

Options for Recovering OST files Manually 

There are various ways to resolve the Outlook.OST file corruption error. If you think a malware assault caused the damage to Outlook.PST, run a powerful anti-virus program and scan the affected file.

Using the Windows Backup folder or BKF file is an additional method of retrieving lost OST data. It aids Exchange administrators in recovering user mailboxes from OST corruption that is lost on the server. To correct corruption problems, you can use the built-in OST recovery utility, scanost.exe if a backup is not obtainable. On the Windows platform, the scanost utility is kept in various locations:

The path of scanost.exe if you are running Windows XP and Microsoft Outlook 2007 will be 

• C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12 

When using Windows XP and Microsoft Outlook 2010, the scant utility's address will be

• C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14 

The steps below can be used to repair a faulty Outlook.OST file using an OST integrity checker: 

• If Microsoft Outlook is open, close it. If not, double-click the Scanost.exe software.

• Choose the Outlook.OST file located on your local disk.

• Choose "Repair Error." Click the "Begin scan" tab after checking the box to begin the recovery procedure. 

Many OST synchronization issues are fixed by the OST integrity checker. If the scanost software is unable to rectify a corrupt Outlook.OST file, you will need to select an expert mailbox recovery program.

Software for Recovering OST files

The comprehensive fix for any OST corruption problem is DataVare OST File Recovery. It swiftly restores Outlook mailboxes from corrupted or unusable OST files and stores them in PST format. OST File Recovery efficiently fixes OST file synchronization issues and retrieves deleted emails, encrypted messages, address books, calendars, and other mailbox contents. 

It displays a preview of all recovered data before saving all restored emails and attachments in a designated location. The trial version of OST file recovery allows you to evaluate its main features. Nevertheless, only the licensed edition of the program has access to all of its features. 


Outlook mailbox stored in offline Exchange mode is an OST file. The OST file synchronizes with the Exchange Server but fails for many reasons, including malware codes. OST integrity checker program and Windows backup file are two examples of built-in recovery options that can be used to fix faulty OST files. But, if the built-in option for mailbox recovery isn't working, you should utilize an expert OST file recovery program to resolve the problem. It changes OST files that are inaccessible to PST files.

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