How to use Botim in Dubai UAE

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Skype is a popular application that allows users to make audio and video calls across laptops, PCs, cell phones, and tablets. However, some nations, such as the United Arab Emirates, prohibit people from using this program. Unlicensed VoIP calls are prohibited, according to a recent statement by UAE-based telecoms providers Etisalat and Du, because they fall under the category of illicit material under UAE law.

To make things easier for ordinary customers, Etisalat has authorized and certified Botim, an online chat program. While not as free as Skype, this program has many of the essential features that everybody needs for voice and video communication with family and friends around the world. Botim's calling UI is outstanding, outperforming many other apps in terms of quality. You can also send and receive photos, pictures, audio calls, location updates, and short text messages.

How to use the Botim App in Dubai

Step I: Subscribe to an Internet Calling Plan

How to switch on Botim on Etisalat

A visit to the Etisalat website and enrollment in the required plan are required for the Etisalat internet calling service subscription. This website is listed in the mobile> mobile solutions section on the front page. You can also use your prepaid or post-paid phone to subscribe to this service by sending an SMS to 1012 with the word "ICP" or by using my Etisalat mobile application. If you want to enroll additional persons in the plan, dial 125 or 101 from your Etisalat home phone and follow the prompts.

How to activate Botim in Du

You must subscribe to the Du internet calling plan and unlock it by sending an SMS message with the word "Netcall" to 1355 if you have prepaid or post-paid access. Please phone 04-3905555 or visit the local DU shop if you want to utilize the Botim application for multiple devices and users.

Step II: download and install the Botim app

After you've signed up for Etisalat or Du's internet calling services, you can now download the Botim program from the internet. This app is compatible with both Apple iPhone and Android devices. You can get it via the App Store if you have an Apple smartphone, such as an iPhone or iPad. You can get it via the Google Play store if you have an Android-based device. To get the connection to download the file, simply type Botim into the search field. Run the setup after downloading the file and update the application according to the on-screen directions.

Step III: Create/Register an account with the Botim app.

Double-click the application's icon to launch it once the installation is complete. However, it may push you to sign up with them. You'd use the same phone number you had when you signed up for the internet calling service. As soon as you have all of the login information, you will begin contacting your family and friends in different countries.

Step IV: Using the Botim App's Different Features

The Botim program, as previously said, has a range of functions such as an application screen, conversations, and more. You'll need family or friends who already have the botim app to use the chat and call functions. In addition, the program encourages you to ask relatives and friends to join and use it. It has "Me" capabilities that provide you notifications about auto, chat, image use, and other account information.

Is Botim Free in UAE?

Botim is a free app that allows you to call your loves ones all over the world. We have seen cases where users try to call their loved ones using Botim and complain that the calls are not connecting. In other to use Botim, you have to send the app download link to the person you are trying to call. Botim works just like WhatsApp, if the person you intend calling does not have Botim on their phone, the call won't connect. Users also need to realise that Botim at times needs the other person to be online to connect. Botim does not work like WhatsApp.

On this note, to answer the question above, YES - Botim is absolutely free in Dubai, UAE and every other country in the world. Download the Botim App today and start calling!

How to Install and Run the Botim Software on a PC or Laptop

Many customers in the UAE have inquired about how to download and install the Botim program on their PC or laptop. They are dissatisfied since they are unable to locate an appropriate response on the internet. We'd like to let Botim users know that using the Botim app on a computer or laptop is currently not possible. As a result, the Botim application is not compatible with a laptop or computer. It can only be accessed through mobile devices.

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