How to Use Chatbots To Increase the Sales of Your E-Commerce Website?

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The eCommerce market is growing and has become essential. It has become crucial to maintain the uninterrupted flow of services around-the-clock. There is increasing user demand. During the pandemic, with unlimited internet availability, online businesses have got a boom.   

A significant trend in the online commerce market is keeping up with the demands. Companies turned to automation to meet the expanding customer demands.  It was vital to adapt to change to fit them.

Thus, conversational AI chatbots were born. They can enhance customer-driven and customer-centric practices.


What Are Chatbots For Ecommerce?

Artificially intelligent systems called eCommerce chatbots are used by online merchants. They interact with customers at every stage of the buying process. These chatbots respond to inquiries about their goods on the website. They can even assist with other messaging services like Instagram, Facebook Messenger, etc.

Before a customer buys, these eCommerce chatbots address any concerns they may have.  about the product through conversational marketing. These bots are used for conversational commerce. They immediately provide post-sale support, all without involving a live customer service representative.

When used properly, conversational commerce can boost a store's annual revenue by 7 to 25%. It opens up new avenues for generating revenue.

These bots can develop a potent omnichannel engagement strategy. They can send content and promotional messages to the touchpoints where your customers spend the most time.


What Advantages Do Chatbots Have for Online Shops?

Have you ever wondered why shoppers abandon their carts? Let's solve this mystery, then.

53% of online shoppers abandon their carts on not getting a prompt response.

This indicates that providing support via email alone is no longer enough. Additionally, they won't hold up or wait for a call. As soon as a question is asked, customers want an answer.

The minute details of every web page can no longer be overloaded. The best thing you can do is continue the conversation by deploying a chatbot for your eCommerce website.

When your bot is integrated with a live chat system, your business gains even more value. More carts can now be saved than ever before. This works by providing real-time answers to your customers.


Why Does Your Company Need an Online Chatbot?

For businesses, chatbots could do wonders.

Customer support cost reduction is the most crucial factor. It shouldn't be the only one.

The advantages of chatbots for companies of all sizes are listed below in brief:


Always at Work:

A lot of customers will want to speak with agents, but what happens if they have a request after business hours?

or when your support staff is overworked?

Chatbots can help in this situation.

They can lower the number of support requests because they are available round-the-clock.



When compared to customer service representatives, chatbots produce responses in a few seconds.

Able to manage many conversations at once:

An agent can only focus on one customer conversation at a time. Chatbots can manage even thousands of interactions while upholding the same high standard.


Simple to Use:

The use of chatbots is incredibly simple and intuitive.

To use a chatbot, you don't even need to have any prior knowledge.


Use Cases for Chatbots in Sales

Whether the chatbot is for a WordPress blog or a big online store, it can help businesses sell more.

Here's how to use them to boost your sales:


1. Offer Reductions To Both New And Returning Customers

In the language of business, they provide a satisfying and customized online shopping experience. Discounts remain an integral part of that experience. and guess who’s perfect for sharing them?

A chatbot, of course.

This is how eCommerce companies inform new customers about discounts in welcome messages. The message's text can be completely customized.

So, it's very simple to include a message that matches the communication style of your brand. Chatbots also function as lead-generation tools by offering discounts to customers.

The chatbot will request an email address from the visitor. If they click the "Yes" button and consent to receiving a discount. You can similarly create leads.

A chatbot is a great option if you have a customer loyalty program. 


2. Engage Clients Who Try to Leave Your Website

Another important reason why companies use chatbots is to recover abandoned shopping carts.

Here is how they function.

A message encouraging them to complete the checkout is displayed by the chatbot. It appears as soon as a customer attempts to leave the website.

This is what it would display:

Chatbots come with abandoned cart templates. This text is also

So, starting to recover sales doesn't need much effort.

Keep in mind messages like: “You forgot an item in your cart. Would you like to complete the purchase?”

An extra avenue for recovering sales is provided by a cart abandonment chatbot. It is always a smart move for online businesses.


3. More Sales Closed

Resource management for your sales and customer service teams receives a boost with chatbots.

As a result of them doing that, your support staff can devote more time to activities like:



Gathering client data for your sales team

When it comes to upselling, the agents can instruct customers on how to make the most of your features. They can suggest upgrading their subscriptions in light of their requirements.

Naturally, the operator is also free to offer opinions based on their interactions with customers. The sales team can benefit greatly from these comments. You could incorporate this data into your CRM system. This will aid in the development of more specialized offers.

This information could later be added to your CRM software to help with creating more personalized offers.

Some Chatbots That You Can Use

- Chatbot

- Octane AI

- Flow XO

- Chatfuel


- ManyChat

- Botsify


How to Begin Using Chatbots

It's never been simpler to do that.

Finding a chatbot app, picking a chatbot template, and adding it to your website is all that is required.

Thanks to drag-and-drop tools, modern chatbots are simple to use.  They are easy to build from scratch, so even someone with no prior experience should be able to do them.

Customer service and sales can be improved by chatbots, which are simple to use. When setting up, do look for the best business internet plan you can get. Try searching from the internet service providers in your area. Get started!

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