How to Utilize the Full Power of a VPN

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If you have been using the internet for a while, then you know about virtual private networks (VPNs), or at least heard of them. The tools continue to grow in popularity as an increasing number of online users grasp their importance. A VPN facilitates safe online access by keeping your activities and identity anonymous. In an age where governments, ISPs and businesses thrive on mining customer data, anonymity is appealing. With a VPN, you can visit different sites without worrying about third parties spying on you. VPN usage has surged exponentially as the need for privacy grows.

Online entertainment is the biggest driver of VPN sales. The right software allows you to game, gamble and watch sports and other events from almost anywhere. International content has become easier than ever to consume, courtesy of VPNs. You can watch the Super Bowl, Champions League or Formula 1 races without paying for premium subscriptions. If this sounds like an advantage you would like to have, then you should know how to make the most of VPNs. The platforms are simple to install and use. However, there's a lot more to it than that. Learn how to find the most suitable tool for your online needs and how to leverage its best features.


VPN Uses Areas

If you are to take full advantage of what VPNs have to offer, then you should know how to use them. Many people get VPNs but fail to apply them correctly. What are the different ways a VPN can enhance your online experience?


Access geo-blocked websites

You found out about a Monopoly live casino on but can't seem to access it because it's only available in selected regions. A VPN solves this situation. Accessing geo-restricted content is among the most common uses of VPNs. The internet made it easy to consume entertainment from different regions. However, some platforms offer content and products for specific countries and territories. Copyright requirements mean that some of this material is not available for consumers outside that region. Or it is, but it requires subscriptions to premium plans. Netflix is a good example of an entertainment source with geo-specific libraries. Online casinos do the same as well. You will find operators that have separate bonuses for UK and Canadian customers. A VPN opens up such options by letting you change your location. You can choose a server located in the country whose offerings you want and enjoy your gaming or streaming.


Stay anonymous

VPN is synonymous with privacy. After all, it was created as a privacy solution. The internet, as revolutionary as it was, also came with a special breed of threats. Online platforms pose many threats, from identity theft to data loss, that users should be aware of. Various basic online security practices can help you stay safe, but VPN improves your chances against cyber threats significantly. VPNs have several security features, including encryption, to hide users' identities. AES-256 plus a secure protocol is the default encryption standard. It allows you to send data through the platform without worrying about an unauthorised third party intercepting it. Additionally, a VPN redirects traffic to one of its servers. Hence, ISPs, governments and data mining services don't get a hold of your information. The same goes for hackers and other bad actors. Since your traffic is encrypted, you can go about your online activities safely without worrying about identifying information falling into the wrong hands.


Increase internet speed

The problem of ISPs throttling bandwidth is not a new one. Your provider can monitor your activities and slash the connection speeds when it notices certain actions, such as downloads. A VPN can help you deal with this issue. By hiding your online activities, an ISP will have a hard time deducing what you are doing. Thus, it may go easy on bandwidth throttling. With a VPN, you can stream HD videos or torrent TV episodes without fretting over interruptions due to slow internet. Of course, not all products improve speed. When choosing a VPN, check the speeds provided to see if they suit your requirements. The best way to ensure you are enjoying a fast connection is to pick a server closer to your location. Look at the recommendations for the best location on the server list. Note that VPNs can decrease internet speeds, although not by much.


Avoid Tracking

Someone is always watching what you are up to online. Your web activities provide a roadmap to the kind of consumer you are. For this reason, marketers and companies that rely on big data are quick to pay for this information, and ISPs are not above selling it. Brands use internet history to customise their advertising. It's why you will see an online shop recommend certain products after you visited related pages on a different platform. A VPN prevents tracking. It masks your IP address and other personal details, meaning data harvesters cannot find you. Hence, you can surf websites without worrying about ads popping up everywhere. Another advantage of hidden internet activity is that you can save money. It's not uncommon for brands to have varied prices for consumers in different regions. You could pay less for products by changing your location using a VPN.


Pick The Right VPN

So, you know the different ways you can use a virtual private network. How do you get the most appropriate one, though? Due to the high demand for VPNs, the market is full of products that promise the best experience. However, you can't trust every brand put there. Solid selection criteria will help you find software that works for you.

Narrow down VPN options by defining your goals. Some tools are designed for overall use, but others focus on specific needs. Therefore, understanding your objectives makes it easy to find the right one. Do you want a VPN to torrent movies? Are you searching for streaming VPNs? What if you create remote content for international clients? Your requirements determine which tools best serve your interests. For example, if torrenting is a priority, then a good VPN should have peer-to-peer friendly servers, and, if possible, port forwarding. Also, factor in your skills. Some VPNs cater to beginners while others target experienced users.

Check out the privacy and security features offered. You need a product that guarantees your safety, especially if you use public WiFi regularly. Reputable VPNs use military-grade, 256-bit AES encryption. Some platforms allow you to customise encryption to suit your objectives. Leak protection and an automatic kill switch are other safety tools you should expect from a VPN. These features ensure your IP doesn't bleed through in the event of a disconnection. A company's security protocols are also crucial determinants because they influence speeds. WireGuard and OpenVPN are the main options. Remember to find out what a VPN says about its no-logging policy. Any decent platform doesn't log your online activity. Look at reviews to see how strict a company is about this matter.

Multiple device connection should be on your checklist if you have many uses. You shouldn't have to disconnect one device to plug in another. The number of devices allowed varies across VPNs. So, choose according to your needs. Alternatively, you can get software that connects to your router, meaning everything in that connection enjoys the VPN's features.

Look for free trials. Even when planning to pay for a VPN, always test it first. So, capitalise on free trials. Use that time to test the different features offered. It's an effective way of deciding if a particular platform satisfies your needs.


Best Practices when Using a VPN

You could have the best virtual private network and still fail to exploit its maximum potential. Before buying a VPN, learn how to get the most out of it. Once you install a VPN and open an account, check the encryption. You might have the option to select between 128- and 256-bit versions. Next, pick a tunnelling protocol. WireGuard has the best speeds on the market. Use split tunnelling if you intend to use the VPN with only a few sites or apps. For instance, you can turn on the tool to watch sports but not when browsing. Lastly, turn on the kill switch to ensure your traffic remains hidden even if your internet disconnects.

If you use a router for your network connection, consider linking it to a VPN. Connecting straight to the router means that all devices on that network use the same software. However, you require a router that supports a VPN account. Although you may have to spend money to get a new router, the payoff is worth it, particularly if you work remotely.

You can save on VPN costs by subscribing to an annual plan. VPNs come in an array of budgets and payment structures, but they are almost always cheaper yearly than monthly. Therefore, if your budget allows it, pay for an annual subscription.

VPNs can change your online experience dramatically. A VPN serves many roles. It provides access to restricted content, allows you to visit banned sites, improves your safety, eliminates tracking and protects your devices, among other functions. With the right product, you can leverage all these benefits and more. So, learn what to look for in a VPN. Although no platform is perfect, you can find one that ticks all the right boxes.

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