How to Win Progressive jackpot Slots at Non GamStop Casinos?

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With progressive jackpot slots in online casinos, it is possible to win very large prizes. These slots are often linked together, with every bet a player makes contributing to the progressive jackpot online. As a result, the prize money can run into the millions, a major advantage over progressive jackpot games in a land-based casino.

When playing online progressive jackpot games at non GamStop casinos it is very important to mention that the chance of winning is very small. In addition, you should also take into account that you often have to make a specific bet to have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot. If the bet is lower, you still have a chance to win big prizes, but not the progressive casino jackpot online. Some of these games include Mega Moolah and Cash'n Riches WowPot Megaways!


The Best Games With Progressive Jackpots

Of course, as an online gambler it is important to know which slots are really worth playing and where you have a chance to win the highest progressive jackpots! That is why we have an overview of the best slots with a progressive jackpot below, where we have included various features in our assessment. Let's take a look at that:


Slot machine


Progressive jackpot (min/max)

Bonanza Megaways
from Big Time Gaming



Khonsu God of Moon Mega Fire Blaze
from Playtech



Mega Moolah
from Micro Gaming


No limit

Ancient Fortunes Poseidon Megaways
from Micro Gaming



Cash'n Riches WowPot Megaways
from Micro Gaming


Several millions

Congo Cash
from Pragmatic Play



Bounty Belles
from iSoftBet



Super Reel: Spin it Hot
from iSoftBet





Progressive Jackpot Games in Online Casinos

Progressive jackpot slots are the most interesting slots for online gamblers. This means that the total prize increases with every bet that the player makes. A small percentage of each player's bet is credited to the progressive jackpot. These slots are offered by all kinds of different providers, including, for example:

- Microgaming

- NetEnt

- Big Time Gaming

- Playtech

When playing on a progressive jackpot there are a number of important points to keep in mind. This starts first of all with the average winnings at an online progressive jackpot slot machine. This depends on a number of aspects of the slot, including:

The popularity: The more popular a slot machine is, the faster it increases.

The stake: The stake also influences the average profit. Players who do not play with the right bet, also have no chance of winning the full progressive jackpot. However, the bet they make does contribute to the amount of the online progressive jackpot, so that it will increase. 

The variance: The variance says something about how often someone wins prizes. The higher the variance, the higher the prizes won. However, the players also win prizes a lot less often.


Type of Progressive Jackpot Slots at Non GamStop Casinos

Although several slots indicate that they have a slot with a jackpot, we can generally distinguish between three different jackpot slots :

- Progressive jackpot slots

- Jackpot slots

- Buy-a-bonus slots


Progressive Jackpot Slots

Let's start with the progressive jackpot casino online slots. These distinguish themselves from the other types of slots because of the fact that they only get higher. As a result, the jackpot can theoretically increase almost indefinitely! Examples of such online casino jackpot slots are Mega Moolah and Cash'n Riches. Here we have seen several times that millions can be won.

In addition to the fact that the possible winnings with this jackpot can increase indefinitely, we also see that you have to make a minimum bet to have a chance of winning the jackpot. If you make a bet that is lower, you can still win part of the jackpot. However, you do not have a chance of winning the ultimate jackpot, but only part of the prize. The bets you have to make to have a chance at the jackpot are also a few euros.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

You also have the jackpot slots with a limited profit. If you win the jackpot in that case, you win an amount that is already fixed in advance. You can often see this in the description of the games, which states, for example, that the jackpot is a maximum of 12,500x the bet. Although this is of course, still a huge price, there is a limit to this.

In addition, you do not have to bet the maximum amount with this jackpot. For example, if you bet €0.10, you theoretically have the same chance of winning the jackpot as if you made the full bet of, for example, €100. In the latter case, the amount of the jackpot is of course different. The jackpot in these slots is a huge amount times the bet you make.

You can win the jackpot in different ways. For example, you can get a huge win in the regular game, but it is also possible that the jackpot is connected to the bonus round. This, therefore, depends on the game of chance you are going to play. It differs per provider how you can win the jackpot.


Bonus Buy Jackpot Slots

The third type of slot machine is the Buy-a-bonus slot machine. In that case, you can only win the jackpot by using the bonus feature. You can unlock these by collecting a specific number of Scatter symbols but also by using the Buy-a-bonus feature. In that case, you place the bet a number of times (often around 100x) to automatically unlock the bonus feature.

The feature is extremely popular, as the chance of winning a jackpot is also much higher. In the regular game, the winnings are often very small, enticing players to activate the feature.


Mega Fortune (NetEnt)

Mega Fortune is the premium jackpot of the famous Swedish developer NetEnt. Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune have been fighting for the title of the biggest online slot machine jackpot for years and replaced each other as the world record holder for the highest win. The jackpot machine also has a wheel of fortune bonus game where you can win three different jackpots.


Jackpot Giant (Playtech)

Jackpot Giant is the highest jackpot in the game selection from the popular manufacturer Playtech. With this progressive slot, too, the main prize is usually more than 5 million euros when it is distributed. The Mega jackpot is paid out when five wild symbols land on the middle payline. There are 50 paylines, free spins and a bonus game available.

Hall of Gods (NetEnt)

Hall of Gods is another top jackpot slot from NetEnt, which regularly creates new millionaires in the global gaming community. The average profit here is over 5 million euros and is paid out two to three times a year. In the Jackpot Bonus Game you can win three different main prizes by revealing face-down playing fields.


Joker Millions (Yggdrasil)

Yggdrasil is an up-and-coming casino games manufacturer from Sweden, which is now represented in many non GamStop casinos. Joker Millions is the provider's premium jackpot and while the win amounts don't quite match Microgaming's Mega Moolah, the average jackpot payout is still over €2 million.


Major Millions (Microgaming)

If you are registered at a Microgaming casino without GamStop and looking for a good alternative to the Mega Moolah slot, you should definitely try the Major Millions jackpot. On average, the main prizes paid out on this slot machine are over €500,000, but the jackpot can sometimes grow to €2.5 million. You get the top prize with 5 jackpot symbols on payline 15.

Why Non GamStop Casinos Hate Jackpot Slots?

Normally non GamStop casinos get a bit annoyed when a player wins really big. For the casino itself, this always means a loss. The jackpot slots and top prizes are different, however.

The casino does not have to pay for the profit there. Instead, the manufacturer of the respective progressive slot will transfer the money - and the money is already on the high edge thanks to the previous bets that fed the jackpot. In addition, the casino without GamStop hopes that the winner of a million jackpot will lose at least part of the money back in the (same) casino. That would mean a nice profit for the operator.


3 Tips for a Winning Slots Strategy

There are three tips that you should keep in mind when you think about developing your gaming strategy and they are as follows:


1. Find the Right Game

You should figure out your preferences: Why are you actually playing? Are you dreaming of the really, really big win? Then feel free to challenge a million-dollar jackpot to a duel.

Or do you want a bigger chance of hitting a jackpot? Then play a slot with a 5-digit jackpot if that's what you're comfortable with. Or do you want a really realistic chance of cracking something? Then there are also games with jackpots in the low thousands to choose from.


2. Stick to Your Budget at Non GamStop Casinos

One thing you should always do when gambling is setting a budget beforehand and stick to it. Based on your budget, you should choose your round bet.

Now we have learned that the higher the stakes, the better the chance of winning big.

3. Don't Analyze the Past Winnings of Non GamStop Casinos

One thing that is completely worthless and doesn't work at all is evaluating past jackpot wins. Let's say the Wheel of Wishes jackpot hits €10 million. Then many think it's not worth playing right now, because it will certainly not be cracked again immediately. But that is a wrong assumption. The chance of hitting the jackpot is exactly the same in every game round, no matter what happened before.

There are no win cycles in slot machines. And also the legend of the jackpot, which is so bulging that it could burst at that moment, is nonsense with gravy. We repeat ourselves, but: The chance of winning is always constant and exactly the same.

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