How to Write a Lesson Note

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A lesson note is a written record of a teacher's work and activities prepared solely for a supervisor. A lesson note is similar to a lesson plan in Nigeria, except that it must be submitted to a supervisor. A lesson note, then, is a summary of the activities, goals, and objectives of a proposed class. Writing is always a chore for teachers.

A Lesson Plan

A lesson plan is a step-by-step description of a proposed lesson. It includes the goals, objectives, and activities that will be carried out. To become a teacher in Nigeria, a person must first learn how to write a lesson plan.

Here is an example of a simple student lesson plan.

1. Lesson: our surroundings.

2. Objectives: To educate students about the resources available in our environment.

3. Materials: Materials such as books, Writing books and Pens.

4. Procedure

The steps in the procedure are as follows.

Preparation: Request that students sing a song they learned from television and take part in the activities listed below.

1. Inquire from the students about their knowledge of their surroundings.

2. Define an environment and provide examples of what we will have in our environment.

3. Request that students provide examples as well.

4. Ensure that all students are carried along and that no one is left out of the class.

5. Inquire of the Quiet Students and encourage them when they respond.

6. Homework: Learn about the electronics in your home and ask your parents what they are used for.


If you want to teach in a Nigerian school, you must learn and understand how to prepare a lesson plan.

The steps to take when writing a lesson note;

1. Theme of the class.

Subtopic 2.

3. Textbooks and other sources of information as reference materials

4. Instructional materials: chalks, boards, markers, laptops, and other items used to influence knowledge

5. Goals;

6. Instructions;

7. Goals for Entry: This is a reference to the previous topic.

8. Lesson Plan: This includes taking notes, taking notes during the lesson, and writing the body of the Topic.

9. Questions for Evaluation.

10. conclusion/correction

Use our guide to create the best lesson plan for your school!

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