How to Write a Thank-You Note after an Interview

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A follow-up thank-you email is a thoughtful gesture that can demonstrate to the hiring manager that you are serious about your candidacy. Discover how to write an effective thank-you note.


Do You Need to Send a Thank-You Note After an Interview?

Just after an interview, job seekers should send a thank-you note. Candidates may send multiple thank-you letters if they met with multiple people at the company during their job search, such as the recruiter, hiring manager, and team members who were present at the interview. Whether you had an in-person, video, or phone interview, a follow-up email or letter is critical in making a good impression and moving you closer to your next job.


When Should You Send a Thank-You Note After an Interview?

The day after your interview is the best time to send a thank-you note. It's best to send your handwritten note right away because it might take a few days for it to arrive if you mail it. Make sure the hiring process allows enough time for snail mail.

Although thoughtful, handwritten notes are not necessary. A thank-you email is appropriate in today's digital age and should exhibit the same degree of formality and gratitude as handwritten ones. However, if you get the chance to conduct a second interview, a handwritten note might demonstrate genuine interest and make a better impression than an email did.


How to Write a Thank-You Note After an Interview

Your thank-you note should be tailored to your job interview experience and carefully edited to ensure that you impress your potential employer. The thank-you note should follow the same template whether you participated in an in-person or virtual interview. Follow the steps below:

1. Create a compelling subject line. If you're sending an email after an interview instead of a written note, include a short subject line that says something like "Thank you for yesterday's interview."

2. Begin with a greeting. Because the letter is brief but formal, begin with the person's title, such as "Dear Mr." or "Dear Dr."

3. Express your thanks. Begin by expressing gratitude; thank the individual for taking the time to meet with you and provide additional information about the company culture, position, and expectations.

4. Personalize the note. Mention something specific from the interview, such as what you learned from the interview questions, workplace culture, or new job insights. This section may begin your second paragraph, but this type of thank-you note should not be longer than two paragraphs.

5. Use a final salutation. End formally, using words like "sincerely" or "best regards," and include your name and contact information below it so the reader can contact you.

6. Check your note for errors. Reread your letter several times to ensure that there are no typos. You could even ask a friend to proofread it for you. The last thing you want to do is send a professional note that is riddled with mistakes. This includes not only checking spelling and grammar, but also spelling the reader's name and job title.


Sample Thank-You Note after an Interview

When crafting an interview follow-up, consider following this sample thank-you letter or email body copy:

Dear Ms. Lopez,

Thank you so much for taking the time this week to meet with me. It was a pleasure to learn more about the position of Associate Marketing Manager and the company culture. I'd be thrilled to join the team and contribute to the growth of the subscription base. I believe my skills and experience would be a valuable addition to your team.

I eagerly await your response regarding the next steps in the hiring process. Please contact me if you require any additional information.

Lilian Miller

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