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If you're sending mail to the United Kingdom, use this easy-to-follow instructions to learn how to write a UK address from the United States.


UK address format 

If you're shipping a package to England, make sure it's addressed correctly to minimize delays and the possibility of it being lost.

To show you how to write a UK address from afar, we've included an example of a US address next to a UK one so you can compare the two.


How to write a UK address

Step 1

After the recipient's name, insert their address or phone number, as well as the street name. It's 71 Cherry Court in our case.

A home or building name may be included in some addresses. If the property has a name, it should appear on one line following the recipient's name, followed by the street address.

Put the firm name underneath the recipient's name if you're emailing to a business address.

Step 2

In contrast to an American address, which includes the town, state, and ZIP code on the same line, a UK address includes the town and postcode on distinct lines.

The town or city should be written on the line after the street name, followed by the postcode on the next line. The town and postcode should be stated in capital letters for clarity.

Step 3

Finally, write the country where you want to go. This may seem self-evident, but it's astounding how many people overlook it! It's also a good idea to write it in capital letters.


London address format

When sending a package to anywhere in London, use the same UK address format as previously, with the exact London postcode.

West London, Central London, East London, North London, and South London are the geographic areas divided by London postcodes. South West, South East, North West, West Central, and East Central are the sub-divisions.

The postcode can help you figure out where an address is located in London. For example, Buckingham Palace's address is:

Buckingham Palace



SW stands for South West London, and the numbers and letters that follow narrow it down to a street address. The first four letters and digits are usually sufficient, but if you know the whole postcode, it's always a good idea to use it.


Quick tips: How to address mail to the UK

1. Separate the town and postal code into two lines.

2. There are no commas or full stops in the text.

3. Align the text to the left, and include your return address.

5. Use an easy-to-read and legible typeface or handwriting.

6. Write with a pen or ink that contrasts well with the colour of your envelope or package.

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