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If you're sending a package to Australia from the United States, make sure it's addressed correctly to minimize delays and the danger of it becoming lost.

To show you how to write an Australian address, we've included an example of a US address alongside an Australian one for you to compare. The city, state, and Australia postal code all appear on the same line in the Australia address format, as they do in the US address format. When it comes to correctly addressing letters to Australia from the United States, this keeps things simple.

How to Write an Australian Address from USA

Step 1

You must write the street address on the line after the recipient's name; in our case, this is 98 Shirley Street. If the receiver resided in an apartment, write the apartment number first, then the street number, followed by a slash. For example, 17/98 Shirley Street.

Step 2

You'll need to write the city, state, and Australia postal code on the line after the street address. As illustrated in the Australia address format example above, this should all be on the same line.

You must include an abbreviation for the state or territory where the town or city is located, just as you would for a US address. The abbreviation for Queensland is QLD, as shown in our illustration.

Step 3

Write the name of the country on the last line. This is crucial for sending mail to Australia from outside.

Australia PO Box address format

The Australia address format for sending to a PO Box is similar to a standard Australia address, but the PO Box number must be included, as per the example below:

Mr Smith  

Parcel Monkey

PO Box 105

North Sydney NSW 2060


How to write an Australian PO BOX address

The PO Box number must be clearly displayed under the addressee and firm name when establishing an Australia address for a PO Box (if applicable). A PO Box does not require a street address. As previously, include the city, state, and Australia postal code. When sending a parcel to an Australian PO Box, keep in mind that many carriers have PO Box restrictions, so double-check before sending a parcel or mail to an Australian PO Box.

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