How Your Commercial Reception Desk Sets the Tone For Visitors

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In any professional environment, furniture sets the tone for the look and function of the office. A poorly set up reception space could give an impression that your business isn’t well-established.

For first-time business owners with an office, or even those more established businesses, it’s crucial to find the right office furniture that compliments your reception area. That’s why choosing the appropriate commercial reception desk for your space is so crucial. Read on to learn more.


First Impressions Are Important

One of the most important things to always remember in business: first impressions matter. Experts have found that positive first impressions can net up to six referrals, and that 55% of that first impression is visual. Perhaps even more surprising: Harvard Business Review discovered that people create their first impression within seven seconds of an introduction. When a customer or client walks into your business, they want to have a sense that your company is established and professional. A carefully cultivated professional environment is created by choosing furniture pieces that convey a clean, welcoming, and organized space.


Establishes a Professional Atmosphere

Creating a professional atmosphere requires forethought and planning, particularly when it comes to office spaces. For example, when entering into a business office, one of the first expectations is to be greeted. Companies make sure their customers are checked-in, greeted, and tended to by a receptionist at a reception desk. By showing to your clients that your company is attentive, engaged, and competent you are reassuring them that they are conducting business with professionals.


Combines Function and Aesthetics

Choosing the right commercial reception desk involves far more than purchasing the first desk you see. There are several considerations to keep in mind including function (features like built-in USB ports, storage options, connections to technical devices), aesthetics, and ergonomics. A commercial reception desk that promotes a more professional environment should be in pristine condition (even if used) and convey a sense of expertise. This could be accomplished by ensuring the reception desk reflects your business’s tone. For example, if your business is a law office, a stately commercial reception desk can convey a more professional image.


Makes Business Operations Smoother

A commercial reception desk that’s utilized properly can make business operations much smoother. When your receptionist has all the tools needed to properly welcome your clients, you can be assured they are giving the best first impression. Consider the type of reception area needed for your industry. For instance, if you have a larger reception area, it may be useful to integrate a commercial reception desk with room for peripheral monitors. This will allow you to display important information to visitors, such as line numbers or estimated waiting times.


Make Your First Impression Count

Every business owner knows the value of putting your best foot forward. This is particularly true when it comes to the furniture in your offices’ reception area. This part of your office sets the tone for your entire company. While shopping for office furniture, consider a commercial reception desk that fits the specific needs of your company. Decide if your reception desk requires options like added storage, built-in electrical or USB ports, or space for monitors. By considering these factors, you’ll be able to create a more refined reception area, and convey a sense of professionalism to clients.

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