Introduction to the Hijama for Shoulder Pain

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Hijama is also known as cupping therapy. It is one of the ancient healing practices used to heal the pain in the body, including shoulder pain. When cups are placed on the skin during this therapy, a vacuum pulls the skin and fundamental tissue into the cup, promoting blood flow and accelerating healing. 

Hijama is used for reducing pain in the body, and hijama for shoulder pain is also popular. Shoulder pain is common, and most people suffer from this pain. There are several factors behind this pain. Some people feel this pain because of laying in the wrong posture, injury, overuse of the shoulder, and some medical conditions, etc. 

Hijama or cupping is one of the effective treatments to cure shoulder pain. It aids in increasing the blood flow in that affected area and reduces inflammation. It will support you in relieving the pain, and you will feel better after therapy. 


Why do shoulders hurt, and what are the causes and symptoms?

Millions of individuals are affected by shoulder pain. There are numerous causes and symptoms. We all need to know the causes and symptoms of the shoulder so then we will take care of our shoulders and get proper treatment and care for it. You will take care of yourself for future issues. 

Causes of shoulder pain:

The main cause of the pain in the shoulder is rotator cuff injuries. A rotator cuff is a group of mussels attached to the shoulder of the upper arm bone. If the rotator cuff is injured, it also gives you pain in your shoulder. 

Bursitis is another cause of shoulder pain. Bursitis occurs when the fluid-filled blisters that protect the joints become inflamed. This can result in shoulder pain and a limited range of motion.

If your shoulder gets frozen, it also causes pain when the joints get frozen, and you can't move properly. 

Arthritis may lead to pain, tightness, and reduced movement in the shoulder joint.

If your bone is broken, it also causes serious shoulder pain. 


Symptoms of shoulder pain:

There are several symptoms of shoulder pain. The symptoms of shoulder pain differ depending on the cause of the pain, but the following are common:

- Pain that becomes worse with moving or action.

- Shoulder range of motion restriction.

- Shoulder joint stiffness or lack of mobility.

- Shoulder swelling or affection.

- Weakness in the arm or shoulder area.

- Arm or hand feeling tingling or numb.


Is hijama a good treatment for shoulder pain?

There are many cures to treat shoulder pain, but hijama or cupping therapy is also considered suitable. People are using different types of cures to relieve pain in the shoulder. Some people put ice on that pain where they are feeling pain and take rest to relieve it. Some individuals are taking medication for the pain. 

Numerous individuals are taking medicine or injections and physical therapy for the pain. Every treatment depends on the condition and the type of pain. But hijama is one the best treatment for it because it will assist you in recovering from this pain properly. It helps to increase the blood flow in your body, and you will recover your tissues, and it helps to recover the muscle. 

Cupping removes the inflammation and toxins from your blood; it aids in relieving the pain. Hijama is considered a safe treatment, but make sure you are taking therapy from a professional and experienced; then, you will be safe from risks and any infection. 

I want to share my own experience with you. I used to feel so much pain in my left shoulder because of playing volleyball and snooker. I took so many painkillers sometimes to relieve the pain. Using the painkiller, I got fine for a short time; then again, I started feeling pain. 

Then one of my friends suggested taking hijama or wet cupping therapy. I went to the hijama center, and I took therapy. My muscles were injured after some days of therapy. I started feeling better, and I took a rest for one week. After one week, I start feeling better, and I am feeling so light. Now I am completely fine. 


Hijama for Shoulder Pain: Who Can Benefit?

There are many advantages of hijama, and so many individuals benefit from cupping therapy. So many athletes are taking benefits. Shoulder pain is common in athletes and those who play sports such as volleyball, baseball, cricket, swimming, boxing, and tennis. Hijama aids in the relief of pain and improvement of the range of motion in their shoulder joints.

The people who are working in offices also face this pain. They spend many hours sitting in the same position, and it also gives pain to their shoulders because their sitting posture is not good. It is also common in old age people. Mussels and joint pain are common in older people. It also happens if you are sleeping in the wrong posture. 

Most doctors suggest cupping therapy for this pain, which is safe for every age. It is not good for people under 12 years old and over 60 years old. If the person is healthy and over the 60s, they can also take cupping therapy. 



In conclusion, Hijama is one of the best practices for healing pain. It helps to heal the muscles and joints, including shoulder pain. There are a lot of benefits of hijama, but it is popular for relieving pain. It helps to improve the blood flow in your body. It assists individuals in removing toxins from the blood and cleaning the skin. 

After using cupping therapy, your muscles will recover, you will feel strong, and your skin color will be clean, gallow, and fresh. If you are feeling pain in your muscles or your body, cupping is the best choice. 

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