Inzfy: 12 Amazing Instagram Video Ideas that Are Worth to Try

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Instagram, an app that needs no introduction, is famous for its videos and posts. Instagram videos have the potential to reach the right audience at the right time. That's why many brands and individuals leverage it and have a significant presence. You can also create an Instagram community with engaging videos. Nowadays, even Instagram videos have taken a different scenario like reels, Live, etc., Thus serving as an excellent tool for marketing for various business verticals. 

It shows that Instagram is a popular tool, and once the audience starts to watch the videos, they will not stop scrolling. If you are an individual user or a brand on Instagram, then you shall try to buy instagram video views, enhancing your chances of going viral on the platform. You are missing out on your potential audience if you are not using it right now. This article will be an eye-opener for Instagram beginners. Continue reading to get to know more information!

12 Instagram Video Ideas

1. Have a Daily Video Strategy

If you want to captivate the audience, you have to devise a plan. So you can even share your daily routines as a series of videos. You need to prepare less for this concept, but you must spend time recording videos on your regular days. It's quite an easy strategy to create beautiful videos. 

2. Behind the Scenes 

It is a fantastic idea; your audience would be much more eager to know the humanizing side if you are a brand. So behind the scenes will help you to showcase what's happening in your office or industry. Even you shall introduce your employees on the behind-the-scenes video. Most of the Instagram reels are now upcoming with these behind-the-scenes.

3. Go For Livestreams

Even a Livestream comes under Instagram videos. Instead of making and posting the same videos, try something new, like going on Live. You can even show your daily routines live or share the most memorable events or concerts Live. With Live, you shall keep your audience more engaging. To go on Live, an Instagram user should attain 1k followers minimum. 

4. Utilize Instagram Story

A story is one where it disappears within 24 hours. Most users are addicted to stories as they provide a personalized touch. Instagram stories are only 15 seconds lengthier, but it conveys the essential idea in your video. The videos on stories would be vertical, which drives more engagement to your profile. Even you shall save your stories on the highlights. In addition, you shall try to leverage Inzfy and amplify your Instagram profile reach. 

5. Vlog

Vlog is nothing but a video log. By creating vlogs, many influencers relentlessly market the brand's products and services. Vlogs are short and easy to make. Just take a one-minute video and then post it as your Vlog. Till the next Vlog, your audience will be more eager. It would also increase the audience's emotional connection with you or your brand. 

6. Share a Tutorial

If you are excellent in specific skills, then you shall add a making video. It may help people who are fascinated by learning new skills. It is valuable, helpful, and easy to share. It drives more new leads to your videos. Moreover, if you want to go viral through tutorials, you shall use Inzfy and build your online presence. 

7. Video Memes

Nowadays, memes are grasping the eyes of all age groups. The contents of the memes are also likable to more people. Therefore, the creator of video memes should be more creative and brainstorm their minds for more ideas. Only then your video memes shall become viral on the platform. 

8. Create User-Generated Content

If you are a brand, UGC videos would bring in more popularity and drive more audiences. If your customers like your products, then you shall generate user-generated content. They might share how the product has changed in real life. If marketers invest time and effort, they will quickly attain a higher position on the platform. 

9. Make a Countdown Video

If you are launching a new product or revealing your film titles and teasers, then a countdown is the best way to make it more interesting. They would increase the expectations among the audience. With a countdown, it would be possible to reveal a new product with more excitement. It will make people remind your product for a long time. 

10. Create Collaborative Videos

You shall make use of Instagram reels for collaboration. If you partner with someone or some brand, you can mention it on Instagram. On the top of the video, it will appear as a 'paid partnership' with a specified name. On the Instagram feed, the Logo will also appear as two or three based on the number of people you have partnered with. 

11. Use Significant Effect 

Apart from standard videos, taking videos based on boomerangs, time-lapse effects, or rewind mode would make the audience crazy. However, most Instagram travelers opt for these kinds of options. It is a more straightforward approach, but the results are fantastic. Apart from that, more AI and green screen filters should be available. 

12. Take Inspiration From Existing Campaigns

If you are looking for video content ideas, you shall take inspiration from the existing campaigns or check out your competitors for new ideas. You shall list the top things your followers are associated with and then work on them for better outcomes. Try to experiment with Instagram videos as much as possible. 


Creating a video that attracts the top funnel is more important to expand the audience base. Before starting with the video, remember that Instagram is a social media platform where the audience can interact and enjoy. So you should make the content reliable, fun, engaging, and valuable. Try the video ideas mentioned above and check your results. If you find the article interesting, then you shall comment below. Thanks for reading!

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