Is Dubai Rta Parking Free On Friday

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The good thing about platforms like this is that it keeps you informed at every point in time. Not just that, for every update on a topic, you get to know about the origin of the topic.

Well, if you have been following the news, you must have heard that the UAE [United Arab Emirates] recently reviewed their weekend from Friday and Saturday to Saturday and Sunday. While this is news, it is an extra reason for concern for others who enjoy parking on the road but trying to dodge parking tickets.

Ok, let's take it slow, so I don't lose anyone on this interesting journey of development in the UAE.


When is the weekend in Dubai?

Before now, the UAE has been known to have their weekends on Friday and Saturday, while they resume work on Sundays. This has been met with people taking Friday as their day off and has only Jumat in their list of activities since Islam is their major religion in the city.

As of January 2022, UAE has welcomed change by reviewing their weekend to Saturday-Sunday as obliged by the westerners. 

Although this has not been fully adjusted, the citizens of Dubai and the UAE are more conscious now than ever before and have been adaptive in their daily discharge of duties.


Is Public parking free in Dubai?

Well, it depends on how you see and say it; Dubai has always been a city known for law and order, and one of its orders was that Friday should be void of passing parking tickets for vehicles parked in public places.

However, after the review of the newly adapted weekend for the citizens of the UAE in January, this law has been reviewed by Dubai's RTA [Road and Transport Authority] to ensure maximization.


When is parking in public places in Dubai free?

Having reviewed the recently passed law on public parking, people who have habitually considered Friday as a day to park in public places without being levied must now adjust to the new reality, as Sundays and Public holidays are now considered as the day that people of Dubai will not be charged with any parking ticket.


When was the new law on parking in public places passed?

After the change of weekends from Friday-Saturday to Saturday-Sunday in January, the people of Dubai continued enjoying their free parking on Fridays as a norm.

However, on March 28, 2022, it was announced that parking will henceforth be free on Sundays and federal holidays, according to the new law made by the Crown Prince of Dubai, HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.


Is there an exception to the parking laws in Dubai?

All vehicles parked in public places risk the chance of being levied, unless the vehicles are parked between the hours of 10 PM-8 AM the next day only between Monday-Saturdays, as Sundays and Public holidays are the only considered days void of parking tickets.


How can I pay for public parking in Dubai?

According to RTA, one can use the new Mahboub WhatsApp bot to pay for public parking.

To begin, one must add Mahboub to their contact list by giving them Mahboub's phone number, 0097158 800 9090. Once finished, open the WhatsApp messaging app and start a conversation with Mahboub to pay for public parking. Plate code, number, area code, and time in hours make up the format.

Utilizing an SMS to the number 7275 is an additional choice. Enter your plate number and code, followed by the area code and the time in hours. There is a transaction cost of Dhs0.30 for each attempt. 

As an alternative, you can pay using the RTA app, top-up your credit, locate yourself, specify the duration of your trip, and pay as you go.

In conclusion, the UAE has welcomed a new development on not just their free parking ticket day, but also the days chosen as the weekend. While some are yet to fully adjust to this new directive, this has come to stay for good.

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