Is the Electric Scooter Good for Long-Range Ride and More?

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Can one ride long distances on an electric scooter?  Let us count the ways…

Now, how do you answer this question?  Well, there are two ways to go about it.

For occasional long rides, an e-scooter for adults is a good choice since Mearth is a well-loved Australian brand: Mearth RS Pro 2023 edition is a long-range electric scooter. And there’s the Mearth GTS Evo 2023, an on-and-off-road, heavy-duty electric scooter. Both are all high-performing, top-tier, long-range electric scooters and best electric scooters  that come with enough power and hot swappable batteries for extending one’s trips, even on various terrains. 

To begin with, the Mearth RS Pro2023 edition is the ultimate long-range electric scooter. 

1. Built with the lightest, strongest metal for a sleek, stylish finish, it’s constructed using magnesium alloy. Sophistication and style is fused with peak performance. Weighing 23kg, the RS Pro can carry a max load of up to100kg.

2. Equipped with a 550W, 48V (and a max 850W output) high-speed brushless motor, it allows the rider to power over all types of terrain. Talk about speed, the RS Pro can go from 25km/h (in line with Australian public safety regulations), up to 40km/h (on private property) and can reach a max range of 80-100km.

3. Another irresistible feature is the easy, one-click folding mechanism for easy carrying, as its folding structure allows you to fold and unfold it easily, quickly and safely - making it easy and convenient to store almost anywhere. The stem locks firmly into place to ensure its stability while riding.

4. Its 10-inch front and rear explosion-proof tyres made from memory gel vacuum materials enables riders to pass through urban roads with ease. They are wear-resistant, anti-skid and shock absorbing - delivering a comfortable ride and preventing leaks and damage. Feel its power at work as you effortlessly glide through the suburbs or city.

5. It features a premium, highly efficient and concentrated lithium battery that turns kinetic energy (your movement) into electric energy. In addition, it comes with six intelligent protection mechanisms, including: short-circuit, over-current, double-over-charge, double-over-discharge, temperature anomaly and under-voltage (automatic sleep) protection.

6. Greater dual disc capability for your safety means strong braking power to ensure your safety and protection for every trip. There’s front and rear disc brakes, an anti-lock electric brake, rear foot brakes and a double hand-grip brake.

7. The wide, non-slip grip texture deck (18.3cms to provide the rider with a more stable and comfortable riding position), includes buzzers and bells to warn oncoming pedestrians and vehicles.

8. You can also access all your riding modes, check your speed, power and more with a large LED HR screen display. The Mearth RS Pro has three riding modes for different environments - easily switching between Eco, Sport and Sport+ with the press of a button. Feel its power, smoothness and seamlessness with every ride. 


Portability and range are among the major reasons why many commuters prefer riding adult electric scooters, especially for first and last-mile trips. So, when it comes to weaving in and out of heavy traffic, riding an electric scooter through jampacked streets is easier.  

And now, the Mearth GTS Evo Series 2023. Very robust, on-and-off-terrain, heavy-duty electric scooters, they offer different perks for those who need a sturdier, more powerful e-scooter. It's perfect for heavier riders who need such an e-scooter that can put up with a heavier weight limit. What’s more, this model can readily take up the task at hand.

So, if you are someone who enjoys making frequent long rides, you can definitely opt for the Mearth GTS Max Evo 2023. It’s perfect not just for riding long-range but awesome for on-and-off-terrain trips. Now wonder it’s dubbed as king of the road. You would certainly need such an e-scooter that provides both long-range, able to climb steep hills, and can accommodate a heavy max load, right?


Mearth GTS Max Evo 2023 edition is by all accounts a heavy duty, on-and-off-road If you are one of those who are considering getting an honest-to-goodness real, authentic, truly powerful and hard-wearing heavy-duty e-scooter, let this article provide you insights on the pros and cons of riding and owning one – before you buy one. 

Also a heavy-duty electric scooter for adults, it is highly durable and can withstand all kinds of terrains. The GTS Mex Evo dual motor e-scooter can accommodate a heavier maximum load, allowing heavier adults to ride it as well. They make great off-roading e-scooters since they provide enough power and durability to drive through long distances and any terrain.

Here are the benefits of using Mearth GTS Max Evo 2023 on-and-off-terrain, heavy-duty electric scooter:

1. More Power. Also considered as heavy-duty electric scooters designed to take on different terrains, it uses a powerful motor to take the rider through different and sometimes challenging terrains. Moreover, the powerful motor enables the e-scooter to carry heavier loads with ease. Expect to get at least 1000W nominal motor power from this type of e-scooter. Extremely powerful e-scooters can go over 2000W of nominal motor power. If you need more power in an e-scooter, consider getting the Mearth dual motor GTS Max Evo 2023 road champ, a heavy-duty electric scooter.

2. Travel longer distances. The best heavy-duty electric scooters use large batteries that enable you to travel longer distances. A larger battery capacity means it has more power to get your e-scooter running farther. A longer range and bigger battery also ensures that you can reach your destination and back. So, if you need to ride distances of over 50 km, look for reliable heavy-duty e-scooters.

3. Ride any terrain. These heavy-duty electric scooters, the Mearth GTS Evo Series, are designed to withstand different terrains. It includes uneven paths, rough roads, and steep hills. It uses durable and high-quality material, wear-resistant and puncture-resistant tyres. Indeed, they are impressive for their hill-climbing abilities. For example, the Mearth GTS Evo Series has a hill grade of 30 percent. Overall, you get a highly capable ride that can take on different terrains and conditions.

4. Higher Weight Limit. Since the Mearth GTS Evo Series are undoubtedly heavy-duty e-scooters, it can carry a heavier load of 100 kg up to 150 kg. And if you are a heavy individual or if you will be carrying heavy items when you travel, this heavy-duty electric scooter is the best and just the perfect e-scooter for you. 

5. Battery and Motor Power. Since the GTS Evo 2023 series is also a heavy duty e-scooter has a bigger motor, a larger battery, and a tougher build. These two components determine your speed and range. As its rider, you must have a suitable battery capacity and motor power, depending on the specs that you need. If you need to travel longer distances, getting the dual motor Mearth GTS Max Evo 2023, for its higher specs which include, of course, hot swappable batteries as you will surely need them when you travel longer distances. 

6. Charging time. Having a larger battery means that you need to charge it for a longer time. The typical commuter electric scooter charges for around 4 to 6 hours. The GTS Series are both on-and-off-road heavy-duty electric scooters. The single motor GTS Evo 2023 charges for a minimum of 6 hours per charger, while the dual motor GTS MAX Evo 2023 charges up to a max of 12 hours for 2 chargers. Rest assured that it will not add so much to your electricity bill.

7. Build Quality. Product claims have to prove these electric sooters can deliver. For a heavy-duty electric scooter to really be considered durable, it must use a durable material and is made of sturdy design. It should have a solid feel without being too stiff. In other words, it must be well-built.

8. Safety Features. Make sure your e-scooter is equipped with multiple brakes with strong stopping power, so that when riding on different terrains, the risk of you falling, especially at high speeds is minimized.

9. Suspension. A suspension helps cushion your ride when riding on uneven paths. It will also provide better stability and safety, especially when riding at high speeds going uphill or slowing down when going downhill.


There you have it. To answer the question can an electric scooter go long distances -- yes it can and does, too. Best of all, electric scooters from Mearth are truly beneficial, especially if you need a personal and eco-friendly ride that can take on rigorous off-roading, traverse rough, jagged paths, go hill climbing smoothly, comfortably, and go downhill with ease.

After you have carefully considered all the benefits of Mearth superior, high-performance e-scooters, RS Pro, GTS Max Evo 2023, you would already have made an informed decision when the time comes, to choose the right e-scooter type suitable and fits exactly your specific needs or requirements. 

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