Jagex Shared Updates About the Sailing Skill in OSRS

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Massive Sailing Updates Were Made to OSRS

Sailing in Old School RuneScape is receiving more and more feedback from the community and Jagex.

Even though Sailing is new to players, Gielinorian inhabitants have used it for centuries for essential activities like trade, exploration, and fishing. From Karamja to Zeah, oceanic travel has allowed them to settle far and wide. With advancing technology, they've reached even more exotic locales, like Fossil Island, leaving one to wonder what stunning destinations player voyages might uncover. Land travel, like the laborious treks across White Wolf Mountain, can be a hassle. Teleportation revolutionized travel, but it was not accessible to everyone, especially not traders or fishermen. Yet, these everyday essentials make it to your bank through the magic of sailing, which, for the first time, you can experience too! But you're not alone. Many Gielinorians depend on the ocean, including merchants, pirates, the Barracudas, and ordinary folks.


Pre-Sailing Quest

Old School RuneScape is a journey from humble beginnings to grand quests. Similarly, your introduction to Sailing starts with a simple request. Rob, son of the familiar Dragon Slayer's Ned, longs for the sea. With his father's retirement, their frequent voyages around Port Sarim ceased. To prove his mettle and fulfill Ned's unrealized dream of recovering the legendary Locket of Al’Bazir from Tempoross Cove, Rob enlists your help. Thus, 'Maiden Voyage' is your primer to the Sailing skill. It introduces navigation, shipboard facility usage, and oceanic perils, paralleling quests like Druidic Ritual and Rune Mysteries that familiarize players with new skills.

Upon completion, you acquire your own ship, kickstarting your Sailing adventures. Jagex is still deciding whether this quest will be mandatory for Sailing, like Druidic Ritual for Herblore, or optional, like Rune Mysteries. They appreciate player feedback on this as they aim to balance guiding players and allowing freedom of choice.



Ports play a pivotal role in the Sailing experience, serving as the dynamic heart of marine activities. They offer a plethora of Port Tasks, opportunities to build your crew with NPCs, and a variety of ships to marvel at or acquire. Port Sarim, Catherby Port, and Rellekka Port are the three key ports. 

Port Sarim, the natural entry point, is where players learn to Sail and begin their leveling journey. Catherby Port, a prosperous seaport, is a hub for wood and flax exports, offering easy access to shipbuilding materials. Lastly, Rellekka Port, nestled in a mineral and fish-rich region, unlocks access to Fremennik-style ships. Like an anvil in Smithing or a Player Owned House Portal in Construction, these ports form the gateway to the expansive oceanic world, serving as lively centers for social interactions.


Port-Related Activities

At a port, you can partake in various activities, like accessing or obtaining your ship in exchange for OSRS GP, be it built, bought, or 'borrowed.' Enhance your vessel through upgrades, either DIY-style if your Construction or Crafting levels permit, or by employing a shipwright.

Customize the aesthetics of your ship in this haven, though specific fashionable changes might necessitate higher levels and materials. Engage in trade, exchanging goods from other ships or local specialties unique to the port. Make friends, flex your new ship or network for crew recruitment. Store your ship safely when ashore. Undertake Port Tasks and Contracts to earn extra gold. And finally, manage your crew. To accommodate these functionalities, existing ports will undergo modifications to house ship-building stations and faction spots while preserving their nostalgic essence.


Old Quests

Despite introducing the Sailing-related quest, existing quests in Old School RuneScape involving sailing, such as 'Dragon Slayer' and 'Bone Voyage,' will not require Sailing levels. Jagex prioritizes preserving player progress. However, many players suggested adding Sailing XP rewards to these quests. Agreeing to this, they will provide XP Lamps claimable from quest-related NPCs upon completion. These will adhere to Lamp rules and need a minimum skill level to prevent bypassing early Sailing content. Moreover, to maintain competition during the skill's initial launch, they will suspend XP Lamps for Sailing XP for the first two weeks so no one gets upset and posts their OSRS accounts for sale.



Even with the addition of Sailing, certain islands in Gielinor, such as Tutorial Island, Tempoross Cove, and the Pest Control game area, will remain inaccessible to maintain lore consistency. Alternatively, players can suggest moving these islands off the World Map. Furthermore, other islands requiring quest completions for access, like Crandor and Ape Atoll, will uphold these requirements even when Sailing is introduced. While players can sail near these islands, docking without finishing the relevant quests will lead to confrontations with the Dockmaster. Specific locations like Lunar Isle, Ape Atoll, and Mos Le’Harmless will have unique mechanisms to deter premature visits.

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